Need It Now: Velvet

Velvet is a virtual miracle worker in the world of upholstery. It provides smooth texture, shining luster, and a sumptuously soft hand. Few fabrics rival velvet in terms of beauty, versatility, and its unique ability to make anything look unpretentiously glamorous.

Due to expensive earlier methods of production, velvet was once only associated with wealth and nobility. Now, thanks to more efficient production methods and the discovery of new materials and blends, velvet meets the masses in the form of pleasing fabrics perfect for use in the home.

There are so many ways velvet can be incorporated into your current design aesthetic: Add a pair of fabulous yet functional black or cream velvet dining chairs to the head of your dining table; play around with a cozy crushed velvet ottoman or plush velvet sofa to add a bit of pizzazz to the living or family rooms; dress up the bedroom in an ounce of opulence with a tufted velvet headboard or place a smooth velvet bench at the end of the bed.

Any way you choose to incorporate it into your space, and whether it’s crushed, devore, embossed, hammered, or plain, velvet will take your look to the next desired level of chic.

– Kelly, editor

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