Color Crush: Bold Blue

At first glance, blue may seem basic, but as you’ll learn, there’s more than what meets the eye regarding this rich, resplendent hue …

Fall Color Trend: Royal Blue - Shop the Styleboard curated by Clementine Daily's Hilary Rushford.

Fall Color Trend: Royal Blue - Shop the Styleboard curated by Clementine Daily's Hilary Rushford.

Into the Blue

Take a moment to picture a few favorite things about the color blue that bring you bliss – a moonlit sky covered in the velvety veil of midnight, indigo ocean waves lapping at your feet, the striking shade of Ian Somerhalder’s electric eyes … All of these entrancing images have qualities in common: each evokes a dreamy sense of peace, purity, or harmony. Herein lies the enduring power of one of the world’s most cherished colors: blue.


Because of the aforementioned associations with the color, blue is commonly used to promote a relaxing environment. However, while it’s soothing for sure, some research suggests it actually increases productivity and creativity to boot! Infuse your morning routine with some zip and Zen by adding a bit of blue to your bathroom. Plush towels and modern decor in inspiring shades and pleasing patterns will give you the cool confidence you need to take on the day.


Not only does this heavenly hue have a calming effect on the mind and body, it may also serve as a mild appetite suppressant. As one of the least appetizing colors in the spectrum, blue may not be the best choice for the walls in your kitchen, but dreamy shades of deep blue in the bedroom could be oh so beautiful in a number of ways. Just think – you could sleep better AND resist that nagging need for a nighttime snack.


I know I just finished saying blue isn’t best for the kitchen, but check out Le Creuset’s dazzling array of cast iron sets enameled to perfection in the rich, sea-inspired shade of Marseille blue. Oh.My.Gorgeous. In this case, I say balance is best: Paint the kitchen something simple and save the color for your cookware.

Le Creuset 5-pc. Signature Set - Marseille

Le Creuset 5-pc. Signature Set - Marseille

And finally, with the holidays just around the corner, how could I fail to mention the sheer splendor that is the modern blue Christmas tree? Like a snow-frosted fir on a cold winter’s night, these standout trees show us that magical results can be obtained by, in the crooning words of Elvis, “having a blue, blue Christmas.”


Feelin’ the blues, too? Visit our Fall Color Trend: Royal Blue Styleboard, curated by Clementine Daily’s Hilary Rushford, to find more of the color you crave.

– Kelly, editor

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