If It Ain’t Baroque, Fix It!

If they aren’t already, ornate details, both in furniture and fashion, should be on your radar. They’re making their way down the runways and strutting their stuff right into your living room, dining room – even your bedroom! Relax; you don’t have to deck your house out in ultra-gaudy décor to get on-trend with this look. With just a few hints here and there, you can effortlessly add some fashionable fancy to your space.

The Royal Treatment

You’re royalty in your own right, you know this. Naturally, you should decorate accordingly. Consider a bauble or two in the bedroom (bookends, anyone?) or perhaps an eye-catching headboard just for funsies. In the dining room, dare to declare your love for ornamentation with a stunning set of dining chairs in, say, velvet damask. And who wouldn’t adore a gilded, glamorous decorative mirror or two – fitting frames for such a fabulous face, indeed.

KISS (Keep it Simple, Silly!)

Simplicity is key – you want these pieces to stand out as a focal point in your room, not suffocate your other lovelies. Pick a few darlings and mix them into your current décor until smooth. Remember, have fun while you’re mixing and matching – a sense of humor and the willingness to try new, unexpected things is how creative combos happen.

-Kelly, editor

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