Relaxing with the Moody Blues

Add summertime blues to your outdoor furniture palette. Wardrobe stylist and blogger Jen Pinkston takes us poolside for refreshments, recreation, and cooler colors.

Keep refreshments at the ready

Keep refreshments at the ready.

I love nothing more than cozy outdoor spaces this time of year, and because it’s hard to think of a better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon than poolside, that’s exactly what we decided to create!

To begin, we chose our seating. We already had a pretty involved lounge seating area on our deck, so we decided to opt for more of a conversational set for our poolside afternoon.

To cozy up the space and stick to our cool blue theme we had going on, we added this gorgeous poppy pillow and these rectangular ones. As you may recall from past posts, I love mixing prints in the same color palette.

Every leisurely afternoon needs an activity. Last month’s was bocce ball so this month we tried our hand at backgammon. It proved to be more difficult than it looked, but have you ever seen such a chic board game? It was well worth reading the instructions!

In order to stay hydrated, we veered away from our usual delicious cocktails in favor of equally tasty spa water with the help of some lemon, mint, and blueberries. It looked perfect in the Artland Inc. Polka Dot Pitcher. I have a feeling there are margaritas in this pitcher’s future!

All in all, an easy, affordable, and chic way to soak up some Vitamin D all summer long!


Photography by Nichole Gibbons

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