Doughnut Tasting Brunch by Meg Biram

Blogger Meg Biram goes doughnuts for a modern ladies’ brunch featuring the decadent fried treats. Meg selected a contemporary assortment of Hayneedle furnishings and tableware to entertain this sweet trend. Visit Meg’s doughnut shop here.


An inviting table setting for a ladies' doughnut brunch

I was so excited to invite a few friends over for brunch last week. It was the first time I’ve hosted a brunch in Washington DC and I was excited to break in my new Nuevo Bethany Dining Table and Black Molly Leather Chairs. We pulled over the Black Wishbone Chairs from the living room so everyone could have a seat!


Nuevo Terrence Dining Table and Euro Style Molly Leather Stacking Dining Chairs

I’ve also been wanting to try a new gourmet doughnut shop in town — District Doughnuts — so getting everyone’s thoughts on the doughnuts seemed like a fun theme for the brunch.

The doughnuts fit nicely on this large acrylic butler tray. The tray is perfect not only for entertaining, but also as decor in my apartment. The doughnuts — and the tray — were a huge hit. I also displayed some of the doughnuts on a classic cheese dome. These domes are perfect for displaying all types of food — not just cheese!

We picked out the doughnuts we were dying to try and put them on these cool black pentagon plates. I filled a few black pentagon bowls with limes and lemons to give the table some color.

In case someone wanted to be on the healthy side, I also had a large fruit tray I arranged in a white porcelain dish. The fruit didn’t disappear quite as fast as the doughnuts though.

In the summer I can’t get enough grapefruit juice, and I’ve been dying to make a Paloma (grapefruit juice, lime juice, club soda, sugar and tequila). A lady brunch was the perfect opportunity to fill up my beverage dispenser with such a fun summery drink.


Palomas, doughnuts, and friends

A sunny day, brunch with friends, laughing over Palomas, and testing out doughnuts — not a bad way to spend a summer morning.

 – Meg

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