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Why Getting My Husband a Tool Shed Made Me a Happier Person

I admit, I am a neat freak. My husband says I am a neurotic neat freak. Either way, I don’t like clutter and I loathe disorganization. My garage had become a dumping ground for everything my husband did not want to throw out. Drills that don’t work, wood flooring we will never use, scrap pieces of carpeting (really??) are just a few items on the list. The more I nagged, the worse it seemed to get. Then a friend suggested to me one day, “Why don’t you get him a nice shed?” Um, yeah! Why didn’t I think of that? I guess, in spite of my suburban surroundings and large grounds, I’m still a city kid and forgot that I can have shed now!

I ordered my husband a nice, big shed – but I made sure to keep it under the requirements for my area so we wouldn’t need a permit. I am happy to say, now that the tool shed is up my husband and I are much more content with the clutter (or lack of) in the garage now! He gets to put all the half empty paint cans, lawn mowers (even though we have a weekly gardener), pieces of rope, bungy cords, fertilizer, and tool boxes in there and I get to get out of the car in a neater, cleaner, less clogged-up space. I even have room to store my outdoor entertaining serve ware in the cabinets now without knocking over a bicycle pump or a bag of soil. Imagine that!

If you’re thinking about getting a tool shed you have a lot of options. They come assembled, unassembled, with electric, without electric, big as a house, small as a powder room. There are really too many options to list. I went for a pretty basic model that cost under $1500. It’s about 12×12 feet and fits in nicely with my own home’s decor. It also came with shelving and you can add more of your own. It took two guys – working at a leisurely pace and taking a good lunch break – one full day to put it together.

This shed is one of the best things I added to my home this summer and I am sooo happy I did. If you have a husband who sounds like mine (I know you do!) you might want to get him one of these as an early Christmas gift!!

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