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Make Your Backyard the Most Popular on the Block!

I have two children, Brooke and Ford who are (almost) six and four respectively. This summer, I decided to have them not go to day camp for the month of August and spend more time at home with us. That said, I needed a lot of cool stuff to keep these little high maintenance kiddies of mine occupied. Well anything that involves outdoors seems to do the trick. Since the thought of spending all day in the pool with two barely there swimmers, I thought of a few alternatives and here they are. My only problem now is keeping away the droves of neighbors’ kids!

KidCraft makes a really cool pirate themed sandbox for about $200 and it is awesome! Kids seem to love sandboxes and they can play there for hours without having to trek it to a beach. Genius! Making sand castles in your own backyard, gotta love that!

For $144 you can score an Italian made tricycle that looks so cool, you won’t be able to get your kids off it! it’s the Italtrike OKO Tricycle. Hayneedle has the orange, which we especially love! Shouldn’t your kids be a chic as you?

Radio Flyer has a big assortment of wagons (I like covered) that you can have fun with for hours outside with the kids. Also, you can take these to the beach or the park which is an added benefit. Not to mention, the little calorie burn you get from pulling that thing around!

The Grow ‘N Up Hercules See Saw is a top pick for kids in my opinion, too. First of all, it’s under $100. It’s made with a steel frame and durable plastic seats. It not only moves up and down, but it rotates 360 degrees. Very cool. And lastly, no installation or digging. This is great!

The Blast Zone Great White Shark Inflatable Slide is the finale! Do you have the courage to climb into the shark’s gaping mouth? The Great White features a long slide with a 5- foot drop into the White Water Rapid Pool. OMG! here’s what I really love: It’s made for for all seasons. It easily transforms from a water splash park in the summer to a fun-filled slide in the winter. Love, love, love. And it’s about $399. Great deal and great reviews!

Who needs summer camp?

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