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Outdoor Dinner Party Inspiration

Dining outdoors is high up on the Awesome List. All you need are some chairs and a little candlelight for an outdoor dinner party that’s fabulous!

O.W. Lee Classico Conversation Set

O.W. Lee Classico Conversation Set

Before you begin, let the location take the lead. For evening events, whites usually work best because they appear to glow in the moonlight. Oh honey, I’m getting happy already! Accent your table with items from nature like flowers fresh from the garden (or the flower shop!). Fruits can also make a gorgeous display in clear glass display vases. Or, if you’re near the sea, fill bowls with sand to anchor pillar candles. The key is to make your outdoor dining space complement your natural surrounding or the theme you wish to create. I did the sand and shells thing a few weeks ago and it was fab and I don’t live on a beach. Go with the flow.

Tonga Outdoor Patio Floor Lamp

Tonga Outdoor Patio Floor Lamp

When setting up an outdoor dining space, consider the season or the weather too. For summer, think all things light and lovely – from summer greens to berries and melons. Cooler days call for richer dishes served hot and cozy blankets become part of your setup. This would be great for later this summer when nights get chillier. Cut down on return trips to the kitchen by packing your bar cart with whatever you need.

For nighttime gatherings later this summer you may need an outdoor heater to keep your guests comfortable. Also, canopies and umbrellas are always a good idea for sun blockage or in case of rain.

Pipe tunes in through your favorite wireless music player and create summer memories!

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