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Create a Chic Beach Vibe in Your Home!

When you say “beach-y chic” people automatically think of white linens, sea shells, and star fish. But there is so much more life and color you can inject into a home to create a chic and beach-y vibe. So, how do you do it? Surprise, it’s not that hard if you follow my easy tips below!

Color, Color, Color

Beach-y can be happy, fun, and bursting with color. Think oranges, blues, pinks and lemony hues. That all white look is so ten years ago. Do you wear all white everyday in the summer? I hope you don’t. Why would you decorate like that?

Find Traditional Pieces in Modern Finishes

Look for beach-inspired decor in unconventional finishes for a chic look. A coral candle holder in pristine white (or any other color). A faux bamboo chair in lime green high gloss. These would look fab with a traditional patio table, too!

Mix and Max = Chic

Mix laid back materials like wicker with more modern touches like acrylic or lacquer so it doesn’t feel like Grandma’s condo in Boca! A wicker table paired with mod accessories feels fresh and stylish. Wicker and wicker does not. Get it?

Think Happy Thoughts

Happy is the key here. Most of us are happy when we are on a beach, right? The decor can reflect that. Go for fun prints, casual style and items with a sense of humor like a flamingo outdoor pillow or a neon apron to grill this weekend!

Multi-Purpose When Possible

Look for items you can tweak for later use in other seasons. If you think about it, there are a lot of items nowadays that can be used inside and outside, summer and winter! Nothing is set in stone, you make the rules.

Indulge Your Senses

Add a scent of orange, lime or coconut to complete the look and enjoy! You can do this with a bowl of lemons or a citrus-y smelling orange candle. Lime-infused water on a table screams summer time fresh, doesn’t it?

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