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Bringing the Indoor Glam Outside

I’m a glamor girl – always have been. It’s in my blood, some would say. So, I always look to bring outdoor decor that has an equal amount of luxe glam that I would place in any indoor space … makes sense, right? But, how do you do it?

The easiest way to achieve this look is to seek out products that are made for the indoors but could easily hang with the glamorous set outside. Then, mix and match them with outdoor items and voila! Here are a few examples:

Acrylic dining chairs paired with a patio table and umbrella

This is fabulous, weather-resistant and easy to clean. I also think it looks more chic to mix and match then always use the same set. Most people don’t ever want to buy a living room “set” but have no problem buying a matchy-matchy patio set. I say you don’t have to!

Outdoor Fireplaces

The modern glass fire pits and outdoor fireplaces available today are amazing and would add drama to any outdoor area. Plus, when entertaining at night they add light and feel romantic.

Indoor/outdoor Rugs

Just because you get an outdoor rug doesn’t mean it must be beige in a jute. There are dozens of choices that are very versatile and come in punchy shades like turquoise, orange and red. Now, that feels more like summer, doesn’t it?

Stylish Melamime Dishware

There are melamime dishes available that look so good, people will think you’re using the good china on the deck! Whether you lean towards a classic look or a bright and modern vibe, you have so many wonderful choices that are way, way better than a paper plate!

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