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Fresh Fall Living Room, Part II: The Reveal

As the leaves turn lovely outdoors, Chanel Dror, managing editor at, switches up her indoor décor for a “Welcome Fall” party. Rugs, pillows, and more make for easy, cozy seasonal updates. Shop the Fresh Fall Living Room Styleboard to find fun finishing touches for fall.

P.S. – You can also check out Part I of this post to get a better idea of how I approached my new look for fall.

For me, the summer-to-fall transition is the most nostalgic time of year. As soon as that first gust of cool air hits, I’m instantly transported to vivid memories of back-to-school butterflies, pumpkin-spiced goodness, and cozy nights spent in. This year, I decided to pay homage to autumn by hosting a “Welcome Fall” party for a few close friends who share my sentiment. Rather than ringing in the season with jack-o-lanterns and ghouls, we did so with piping hot tea, baked goods, and fireside chats under mounds of blankets, all using gorgeous pieces that I found at

A pretty fall party for friends featuring finds from Get the look here!

A pretty fall party for friends featuring finds from Get the look here!

As soon as temperatures drop, I head out to stores to scoop up the latest trends in fashion … with each season comes new must-have items, right? Well, I’ve decided to give my interiors the same attention. While it’s not feasible to re-paint the walls and purchase a new sofa every time the weather changes, it is possible to make small updates to your existing pieces to make them feel fresh and exciting. The easiest way to do that: textiles.

Until September, I had a natural-colored sisal rug on the floor of my living room. To dress up the space and make it feel holiday-ready, I wanted to find a more traditional rug in deep, rich hues. The Couristan Kashimar Kerman Vase Rug was the perfect find, and since it’s so large, it sets the tone for the rest of the space. I’ll keep this one and the sisal rug in rotation year after year, replacing one with the other every six months.

Deep, dark, and handsome - the Couristan Kashimar Kerman Vase Rug.

Deep, dark, and handsome - the Couristan Kashimar Kerman Vase Rug.

It’s amazing what a little bit of layering can do. My very favorite thing about fall is turning in early and spending the night curled up fireside with mounds of pillows and piles of throw blankets. I found a bunch in an ivory, white, black, and gray color palette, then displayed them on my cream-colored Armen Living South Beach Sofa. Any extras are stored in a large Colonial Mills Boca Raton Storage Basket for easy access – and even easier clean up.

Getting the house ready can be daunting, but with enough preparation and some attention to detail, turning my living room into a party-ready venue was a snap. One of the simplest yet most effective additions I made to the living room was the Proman Farmhouse Coat Rack. A casual and affordable substitute for a coat check, it’s the perfect place for guests to shed their layers upon arrival and is easy to store come spring. I also rearranged my furniture to allow a smooth flow of traffic and ample seating for guests – moving these two Kennedy Accent Chairs from my dining room, where they typically live, created an area where we could all sit together and enjoy the afternoon.

Festive fall decorations

Keep it simple with a sprinkling of festive fall decorations.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the decorative details and refreshments. Since these elements have the power to make or break a party, they’re often a great source of anxiety for the host, but over time, I’ve learned that the simpler they are, the better. A small bunch of hydrangeas, some scattered gourds, and gilded pine cones are all seasonal, inexpensive, and easy to find, and were the only details needed to bring this casual party to life.

Since this was a happy-hour-style gathering, I didn’t need to overthink the menu either – some small bites and satisfying sips did the trick! There’s nothing I love more than pumpkin-flavored baked goods, so on the day of the party, I broke out my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and whipped up this batch of pumpkin-almond muffins. Combined with bar snacks, mimosas, and coconut tea served in the gorgeous glass Yedi Housewares 30 oz. Teapot with Infuser, the spread was just enough to satisfy guests without spoiling their appetites for dinner.

I carefully arranged all the components on a metallic tray and set it out on my Hollywood Regency-style Uttermost Henzler Coffee Table for easy access for guests. We had a blast kicking back together and talking about what we looked forward to most about the holidays, and after this party, the inauguration of fall was official!

– Chanel Dror, managing editor at

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