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Media Room Makeover

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn turned the lackluster Los Angeles living room of a movie-marketing pro into a stylish space that both he and his guests can enjoy, and that doesn’t sacrifice style for screen time.

See the living room furniture pieces that Brian Patrick Flynn used to create his latest masterpiece – check out the Media-Savvy Living Room Makeover Styleboard now!

Marvelous and media-savvy, indeed. Get the look here.

Marvelous and media-savvy, indeed. Get the look here.

Styling the Blues

Fact: Blue pretty much works with every design scheme. It’s like the Lady Gaga of pop music or the Sandra Bullock of film; there’s just something about it that appeals to the majority of the human population—something that makes you feel happy and at ease. So when my motion picture-marketing friend Chris Lok decided to whip his snooze-fest of a living room into shape—creating a place to view promos, trailers, and feature films; as well as to research, work on his own campaigns, and entertain—I took the opportunity to take the color blue to a timeless, cool, and soothing level. Although this living room is designed around Chris’s media above all, it still manages to read mostly media-free and totally guest-friendly.

Overall, the biggest change made to Chris’s living room was its color. Prior to the redesign, it was blank and boring nothingness. But since the home is right smack in the middle of an edgy, fun, and colorful neighborhood known as The Melrose District, it made sense to embrace vivid hues such as midnight blue and apple green. In fact, once I found the Kaleen Soho Thames Rug, all of the room’s colors fell in to place.

Los Angeles is chock-full of mid-century-modern architecture. And with the set of Mad Men becoming the standard by which most city-dwelling dudes decorate their pads, it made sense to work that streamlined, tailored look into Chris’s living room. The neutral Lazar Nicole Upholstered Sofa is not only 1960s-esque, but it also provides seating for up to three people—and even opens to reveal a full-size mattress that’s perfect for any overnight company.

A serving of juicy color for the room - Emerald Home Jesse Accent Chair in Apple.

A serving of juicy color for the room - Emerald Home Jesse Accent Chair in Apple.

Anytime you’re working a specific style into your home, it’s important to still personalize the aesthetic—or else you’ll risk creating a space that looks like a catalog. To give the seating area a more collected look, the living room’s sleek sofa was paired with apple green velvet slipper chairs that are transitional in style. Their saturated hues are well-suited to this high-traffic area, but a sprinkling of neutral tones keeps the space from mimicking the boldness of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Neutral draperies like the Ellis Crosby Pinch Pleat Curtain Panel Pair serve as the perfect foil. If I had chosen lime green or blue window treatments, the tranquil space could have appeared about as sophisticated as a day care center.

Smart Storage Solutions

Let’s face it: As soon as we get home, we’re more likely to check Facebook, post to Instagram or read the Huffington Post before we sit down to watch TV. Thus, it was essential to work a bona fide laptop station into Chris’s living room decor. Here, a built-in modular system keeps his favorite DVDs neatly organized and concealed while also offering storage for his work-related books.

The laptop station is just as decorative as it is functional, thanks to clever storage solutions and mid-century-inspired details. A ginormous starburst mirror reflects light from the window while anchoring the space, and the niche-bound wooden Uttermost Lican Box keeps receipts organized. Clever book containers offer hiding spots for valuables or little things lying around you want to stash in a flash before company arrives.

Delight in the Details

From the peacock-print area rug to the fluffy ottomans mingling with solid and patterned pillows, Chris’s entire space is layered with eye-catching shades of green and blue.

A plethora of complementary pillows take the style - and comfort! - to the next level.

A plethora of complementary pillows take the style - and comfort! - to the next level.

Keeping the living room clutter-free, rustic end tables house remotes, drives, and cords, while the nailhead-covered wooden coffee table contains two hidden drawers for lighters, matches, extra candles, coasters and other items that help make guests feel at home.

The space is now well lit, thanks to marvelous mercury glass table lamps, and ready to receive guests or serve as a laidback workspace for a modern, multifaceted guy.

Brian Patrick Flynn, producer/designer

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