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A Hotter Looking Hot Tub Space

Short and sweet: Do you feel as though time spent in hot tubs is never enough, and become faint the moment you step out of them and hit cool air? Well, I do. And this got me thinking of how nice it would be for hot-tub-havers to have a graduation space to unwind post-hot-tubbing — kinda like that fancy dining term “amuse bouche,” all about cleansing the palate before moving on to the main course. After an invitation to my friend’s Los Angeles home to take a dip in her hot tub, the picky decorator in me decided instead to  add a lounge area rather than taking said dip. Body consciousness issues masked by control freak issues? Perhaps. But this did offer me the chance to use coral, white, and navy blue. And that is all that matters in life. Check it.

Maui Day Bed

After the makeover

KAZAM! Thanks to the Maui Daybed, the previously ill-furnished hot tub area has become hotel-with-a-cabana-ish. A piece that’s super easy to put together; from start to finish, it took my team about 12 minutes.

The resin wicker construction is easy to clean and comes in a black-brown finish that goes with virtually any color scheme.

Although the architectural shelf that sits just below the cushion is structural, it also offers the perfect space to keep drinks and easy-to-lose-accessories within arm’s reach. Case in point: Those sunglasses of mine were easy to find when I left this photo shoot; however, the next shoot at which there was no cabana daybed with a shelf? That must be where said sunglasses vanished into thin air. I no longer possess those sunglasses. Those $200 Carrera sunglasses. FAIL.

Thanks to the neutral, stone white indoor/outdoor upholstery, almost any color scheme is up for grabs in relation to the daybed. Since I have been dying to go all summery with coral and navy blue, I went all summery with coral and navy blue … pillows. The cushion is nearly 3 inches thick, which makes it super comfy once one is perched atop it after a hot tubby soak. Lastly, since the daybed is extra deep, by the time you lie back in it and look down, there’s almost an infinity effect; the white edge of the upholstery gives way to the bold blue of the water from the hot tub and its adjoining pool.

To bring in a metallic touch, I added the Palazetto Glazed Ceramic Lilypad Planter, then filled it with lush greenery. The pearlized cognac glazed finish beautifully reflects the deep blue tone of the hot tub, plus it looks a hell of a lot better — like 7 bajillion times better — than the empty plastic pots that were there to begin with.

Once the hot tub is turned off and it’s all about peace and quiet, why not bring that calm, drippy water sound into the mix? To do this, we added a pair of Tivoli Shell Wall Fountains that simply plug into outlets. In order to keep the cord out of sight, wrap it around the back several times before plugging in and WALLAH!, you’ve got the look of something permanent.

Brian Patrick Flynn, HGTV designer/producer; Decor Demon

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