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Hautedog Bar

Feeding a large group doesn’t have to be costly or exhausting. I’m all about keeping things simple, as well as fun and creative.   If the host of the party is relaxed, then the guests will relax and enjoy themselves.  One easy way to create a laidback affair is to serve food buffet style and let guests help themselves.  Keep your menu simple by serving one main item such as hot dogs (make sure to have a tofurky dog available for any vegetarian friends!).   They’re cheap, easy, and delicious.

Grill all of the hot dogs at once, and get the buns toasty while you’re at it. Once you’ve made enough for guests to have first and second helpings, layer the hot dogs in their buns on a cute platter. There are so many nice looking acrylic and melamine serving pieces available that are picnic and pool friendly!

Make the hotdog bar a “Hautedog Bar” by offering your guests interesting toppings. They can customize their own, one of a kind hotdog. Your grocery store or farmer’s markets have endless toppings you can use. You can get really inventive with these.

My Favorite Ingredients: -Fresh salsa -Guacamole -Corn relish -Pickled banana peppers -Tapenade

Put each topping in a fun bowl or jar. I collect little spoons and spreaders because it’s the little elements that make a table unique. Feel free to mix your nice serving ware with wooden spoons or forks. It keeps it interesting!

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