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From Basic Bouquet to Beautiful Arrangement

Flowers can make an ordinary occasion feel special when they’re done well. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few, simple secrets that will fool even your closest friends into thinking you’ve hired a professional.

Almost every grocery store sells pre-arranged floral bouquets. Buy several of the same arrangement. When you bring them home, stick them in a bucket or large vase of water and put in a cool, dark place. I usually keep them in my garage until I’m ready to assemble them!

When you get home, pick out your vase or the container you’ll use for the flowers. Depending on my mood (and the event), I like either really clean and modern or very rustic containers.

Next, separate all of the grocery store bouquets and group the different types of flowers together (roses with roses, daisies with daisies…I always say put “like with like”).

Rubberband each different group of flowers together (rubberband all of the roses together, etc.).   Once you have several different groups of rubberbanded flowers, then you can use pruners to cut down the stems. Make sure to cut the bottoms at a slant. Trim these down slightly every few days to keep your arrangement fresh.  Place them in your vase, and feel free to readjust the flowers to your liking. Pluck off any dead or wilted blooms, and you’re ready to impress your guests!


grocery store bouquets via Better Homes and Gardens

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