Walk Into A Winter Wonderland

Set the Scene

The scene: an idyllic winter village.

The set: a small vignette in a classic hutch (table, mantel, etc.).

The feel: the warm glow of light on a brisk winter night.

How to DIY

Vary the textures of individual pieces to give the scene a touch-and-feel appeal everyone will love (who doesn’t want to touch that quirky, fuzzy owl?) while using light and dark contrasts to play off hints of glint, creating an alluring, balanced aesthetic. Consider your placement – check out the location of the lanterns, trees, and ornaments in Val’s set and you’ll notice that symmetry plays a key role, keeping the centerpiece simple and stunning. Small touches, such as complementary ornaments, will complete the look.

Remember …
  • Place your set where it will draw the most attention – could be somewhere other than the table
  • Inspire touch appeal – mix your materials and textures
  • Play with striking color/material contrasts for a little added drama
  • Think in terms of symmetry to keep things simple and easily create balance
  • Complete the look with extras like tinsel, icicles, ornaments, or small sprigs

This charming, whimsical set will be a favorite among guests, for sure.

Love the look? Get it here!

Winter Lodge Main

A winter wonderland of whimsy.

 -Kelly, editor

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