Winter Porch Redo

Anne Reagan, media executive editor for new home project and design site, shows us how to update and extend our homes’ décor to the front and back porch. From lighting to warmth to pretty touches like blankets and throws, read how easy it is to incorporate small touches or execute a total redo …

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Although we spend more time inside the home than outside during winter months, the invitation to our home really starts way before people enter the house. And don’t forget your back porch either. Extending your decorating to the backyard means being able to look out onto a pleasing space that can still be utilized even when the temperature drops.

Light the Way

Start your hostess duties right when your guests arrive; be sure to provide a safe and well-lit walkway to your front door. Winter darkness gives you permission to light up your porch far beyond the holiday season! Keep the entrance to your home clean with a good-sized entry rug or welcome mat. It’s a great way to add color and design as well as trap mud, leaves and other winter debris.

Quick winter redo: Reuse your summer arbor or trellis and string lights for an extraordinary entrance.

Decorate High and Low

Remove dead autumnal plants from your containers and fill them with seasonal and pretty winter foliage. Don’t forget to add color and flair. Use the rule of three when setting up your containers: Select three different heights and organize them in groups of three for a professional look.

Quick winter redo: Gather branches, twigs, or found greenery from your yard for an upcycled look.

Warm Up the Night

If you love looking at the stars in the winter sky from your porch seating, be sure to have several cozy throw blankets nearby to keep you warm. Or better yet, add an outdoor fireplace for a truly snug and toasty space. To keep your furniture from feeling too cold and hard, change out your summer upholstery with seasonal pillows and cushions.

Quick winter redo: Wrap your summer bench cushion with a winter-themed blanket.

Anne Reagan, Media Executive Editor.

Photo credit top image: Prentiss Architects.

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