Tips for the Global Traveler

Few things are more reinvigorating than travel. Whether you’re taking your next trip this summer or just planning future adventures, wardrobe stylist Jen Pinkston has some ideas for reducing travel headaches and looking good in the process.

For best results, travel light.

For best results, travel light.

As I write this, I’m T-minus three days to being wheels-up on our big summer vacation adventure in China. I couldn’t be more excited! My husband Aaron gets about six weeks off every summer so we’ve made a tradition of choosing a new faraway location on a map each year and taking off for a few weeks come July. I’ve definitely learned some lessons over the last few years of traveling around the world — most of them the hard way! (Is there really any other way?) If you’re planning a big getaway this summer or fall, here are my tips for stress-less travel.

Carry-on is the only way to go.

When you’re going from country to country and plane to train to automobile, nothing is more cumbersome than a giant suitcase. Samsonite hard-body carry-on suitcases are built with four 360-degree spinning wheels for easy movement. The thin, hard shell maximizes space and keeps everything in its proper place. My husband is a stickler for putting TSA-approved locks on everything, but the Cruisair collection has locks built in! Keep it simple with a carry-on and you’ll be glad you did.

Samsonite Cruisair Bold 22 in. Spinner Luggage - Silver

Samsonite Cruisair Bold 22 in. Spinner Luggage - Silver

Separation is key!

I have a variety of different-sized zipper pouches that I use when packing. They are great for keeping your toiletries separate from the rest of your belongings or even separating small things like lingerie, swimwear, and socks. These little bags make packing up from one city to the next a total breeze. I can fit all of my toiletry products as well as my jewelry pouches in this oversized bag from Amy Butler.

Every organizer helps.

Every organizer helps.

Keep tabs on your passport.

The tale of mixed-up passports goes a little something like this: both of our passports are sitting on my desk. Aaron grabs what he thinks is his and takes off for LAX. He goes to check in for his flight to Ireland for work, only to realize that he is holding my passport. Luckily, it’s a tale with a happy ending — no missed flight — but that wouldn’t have happened if we had these great passport cases. They come in an array of colors so choose your favorite and never wonder which passport is yours.

Jen Pinkston, ready for departure.

Jen Pinkston, ready for departure.

Put a tag on it.

I always tag our bags with our names and the phone number and address of the first hotel we are staying at in our destination city. That way if a bag gets misplaced, left in a cab, or needs to be delivered by the airline, all of the information is already there. This blue luggage tag is made from the same luxe leather as the passport case and looks strong enough to withstand a lifetime’s worth of travel adventures!

Are you headed anywhere fun this year? What’s your favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?


Photography by Nichole Gibbons

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