Tablescapes: Autumnal How-To’s

Creating a tablescape is easy, once you choose a main color scheme. To help you focus your design, consider one thing you love – be it a nostalgic ceramic piece, an objet d’art from a flea market, a stack of a few classic books, or something as simple as a fresh hydrangea – as inspiration and build your décor color scheme from it. A gorgeous table setting is then just a few enjoyable (seriously!) steps away …

Hue New
  • Amber-toned glasses cast a warm glow on any table, especially in late-afternoon sun.
  • Mixing earthy-colored glassware pieces creates a mosaic of their own.
  • Fresh, seasonal flowers like hydrangeas in bottles are a delight. And you don’t have to worry about cloudy water if you use gently colored glass bottles.
Balancing Act
  • Adding whimsical pieces without getting too cutesy is easy when you balance colors, sizes, and shapes. The adorableness of the owl cookie jar is balanced by the similar colors in the wheat and like-shaped owl glass pitcher on the opposite side of the table.
  • Fun pieces accompanying more subtle, sophisticated dinnerware provide balance and interest. This makes a stylish addition to the overall look rather than resembling the kids’ table in the kitchen.
  • Create visual equality on either side versus a mirror image. A perfect example is how the two natural wheat arrangements are counterbalanced by the amber stagger-height bottles filled with seasonal flowers.
  • Think of each side of the centerpiece in terms of a marriage of two uniquely yet connected styles, rather than twin imagery … codependence is no fun.
Table settings

Here, kitteh kitteh ...

Design Ups and Downs
  • Vary the height of display pieces – it’s a great way to add visual interest.
  • Start with a taller piece or grouping in the center and work down a bit – each side gloriously imperfect, slightly unequal.
  • Keep most items below eye-level so dinner guests can see each other.
Get Some Perspective
  • When you think you’re finished, take a walk outside and return to your masterwork anew as though you were a guest just arriving. And really, you deserve to treat yourself as such anyway.
  • Create your tabletop as much for your own pleasure as that of your guests, and they’ll surely appreciate it even more. As Emerson said, “Scatter joy!”

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