The Cure for the Common Wall: Swag Paper

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Swag Paper Swatches

Make a strong statement with stylish Swag Paper.

Swag Paper spells the end for plain walls. For too long the hassles of wallpaper have dissuaded homeowners and renters from flexing their decorative muscle. We had the chance to talk with Daniela Fields—half of the brother-and-sister team behind Swag Paper. Here’s what she had to say …

For all of the people who have had a bad experience with wallpaper, what makes Swag Paper different?

When we first started our Swag Paper journey we knew we needed to create a product that would set us apart from traditional wallpaper. We did research and field testing for about a year before we launched Swag Paper and I can honestly say I know more about adhesives than I ever thought humanly possible!

Our material possesses a thin layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s exposed once the release liner is peeled back. Think of it as a giant sticker! It’s flexible enough to reposition and remove without causing damage to your walls. The material is premium quality, which will achieve the look of designer wallpaper minus all the negatives!

When developing the concept for Swag Paper our goal was to come up with a good solution that would make installation a breeze. The solution was to sell Swag Paper as panels offered in varying heights to custom fit your wall. Unlike a traditional roll of wallpaper (usually sold as rolls between 30 and 50 feet long), Swag panels are printed to line up the patterns seamlessly for you.

We also offer a unique paint-matching feature on our website that gives you suggested paint colors that match each of our patterns. This way you’re not bound or committed to having to wallpaper an entire room. You can become your own designer and create a unique space while being able to harmonize your surrounding walls or furniture with matching paint colors!

Rolls of Swag Paper

Made with the modern home in mind.

Is Swag Paper more eco-friendly than traditional wallpaper?

Swag Paper is a poly-woven fabric which is vinyl-free and we print using eco-friendly ink. We use kraft paper as packaging (no plastic at all) and are very green conscious.

You’ve given a china cabinet a makeover with Swag Paper for striking results. What other DIY projects have you tackled?

We’ve used Swag Paper on tabletops, over full dressers, underneath glass-top tables and on picture/mirror frames. We’ve had people order our smaller panels and swatches to frame out creative collages and use on all types of furniture. We’re always looking at creative ways to incorporate our product into projects.

What’s the most creative use of Swag Paper you’ve seen?

We had a customer do a collage of different pieces inside an existing panel frame she had on her wall. We have had a lot of people interested in framing Swag Paper to create artwork so we’re actually introducing many of our patterns as gallery-style stretched canvas pieces.

Where do you find inspiration for your patterns?

The inspiration for our designs comes from a combination of things we enjoy, places we’ve traveled, colors we love, textures we see, and of course, being able to use our graphic software to play around with shape elements. Both my brother and I grew up as artists at heart, so when it comes to inspiration, there’s no set method to our madness. When we initially began the wallpaper process we did a lot of research on design trends and color theory, which we also take into consideration.

Dave and Daniela

The dynamic duo behind Swag Paper: Dave and Daniela.

What lies ahead for Swag Paper?

Down the road we want to expand our work space to be able to craft other products that incorporate a variety of new materials like leathers, etc. We want to stay true to our artisan lifestyle and like to dream big!

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