(Stylish) Small Office Solutions

With today’s mobile devices freeing you from your tether, you don’t need a giant home office. Work in the backyard if you want. But you still need a place to keep your stuff, file your paperwork, and to recharge — both you and your gear. Small spaces are perfect for chasing your muse and staying focused. The difference between cramped and cozy is how you organize it.

Turn any nearby nook into a functional office with just a few smart pieces. A small writing or corner desk with drawers and shelves can save so much space. A credenza, modular bookcase, and filing cabinet can help keep distracting clutter out of sight, leaving your workspace open for your computer and your ideas.

Small office savers

Invest in a small desk, mountable/modular shelving, a fun filing cabinet, and compact chair.

Clockwise (from left):

White Corner Computer Desk // Wall-Mounted Modular Bookcase // Roxie Table Lamp // 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet // Nuevo Alta IV Office Chair

The right office desk accessories keep everything out of the way without being out of reach. File what you’re not working on at the moment. Decorate with inspirational mementos, not three-year-old tax forms.

Small office add-ons

Polish the look with personal or on-trend pieces for a cool, creative home office.

From left:

36 x 24 in. Natural Cork Bulletin Board // Black Display Wall Shelf

For an attic or second floor office, remember you have to lug furniture up there. Smaller modular desks and filing cabinets assemble on site, so the moving job is literally a snap. Your back will thank you.

– Michael Campbell, guest blogger

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