A Simply Spring Tabletop

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” This excerpt from poet Joyce Kilmer’s poem, “Trees,” fittingly captures the bliss of the first buds, blooms, and sprouts that emerge each spring. With the anticipation of warm weather, holiday get-togethers, and spring soirees, comes motivation to update your tabletop with delightfully refreshing colors and textures. Here at Hayneedle, we penciled in a chat with our Style Manager, Val Drorbaugh, to glean some inspiration for spring. For even more ways to welcome spring to your space, take a look at our Styleboard, A Table Set for Spring.

Spring Style Q&A with Val

1. Style experts are deeming a range of colors as the “it” tabletop colors for spring 2014, from ink-blue and black and white to teal, yellow, and copper. What colors do you recommend for welcoming spring to your tabletop?

Turquoise or swimming-pool blue with green.

2. Do you prefer a tabletop with mixed shapes, such as round plates and square bowls, or do you think it’s best to stick to the same or similar shapes for tableware and accents?

I think you need a thoughtful mix. One shape should be dominant, with accents in various sizes and shapes.

3. What’s an easy way to incorporate texture into your table setting?

The most obvious source for a texture story is from your linens, but you can also mix the textures of your serving pieces.  Wood, stoneware, metallics, china, clear glass, frosted glass, etc.

4. Decorating with flowers and plants is always telltale of spring. Do you have any suggestions for fresh, fun ways to display them? What about faux plants – yay or no way?

I’m all for keeping it real!

5. What kind of patterns for tablecloths and runners do you see fit for signifying this spring?

I’m loving stripes – they feel especially modern when paired with organic elements.

6. Are there key pieces you recommend for breathing life into a tabletop setting?

I always do a mix of pieces. Again, I start with one set – it remains the focal point or dominant feature of the tablescape.  Then, I bring in pieces from one or two other sources that complement, but don’t match. I love to utilize one vintage piece, whether it’s the vase, flatware, a tray …

It may sound cliché, but do the unexpected! Bring the outdoors in – tree branches, moss, slices of a tree trunk. Stripes mixed in with nature-inspired serving pieces. Black and white with neutrals or pale colors.

Hatch a Plan for Spring

It’s easy to bring the breezy look of spring to your tabletop with a fresh selection of colors, shapes, and textures. Tasteful touches of nature add casual-to-subtly chic style, sure to get all your peeps excited about celebrating this sensational season.

Julie, senior editor

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