Sleepover Survival Guide

So your kid wants to have a sleepover. Before you dive headfirst into the sleeping bag, let’s take a moment to reflect on what goes down at a slumber party … you know, in case you’ve forgotten. This is not a time to be caught unawares.

If you’ve got a great bunk bed you’ve already won one small battle, but here are a few other munitions you might want to stock up on.

While a slumber party actually results in very little slumber, there is a considerable amount of lounging that takes place. To lounge properly the kids will need

blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows. And remember, these linens will be used and abused by kids so don’t concern yourself too much with luxury. Instead, opt for kid-friendly designs and easy-to-clean fabrics. They’ll love bright colors and anything featuring their favorite characters or super heroes.

Since these young night owls are going to be at your house for a considerable period of time, it’s in your best interest to keep them calm and comfortable. Look for seating options that will be well-suited to their activities whether it’s gaming or gabbing.

Every slumber party needs entertainment. Don’t make the kids resort to the Ouija board or ghost stories – they’ll only end up in your room for the night if you do. Instead, how about a karaoke machine? They’ll love pretending they’re Katie Perry or Bruno Mars and you might even get a few laughs out of it. Or … you might join them.

While these are all sound bits of advice, like any good party, the success of a slumber party rests on the food. These kids will eat around the clock so you’d better be ready. And they won’t be satisfied with chips and dips (though you’d better have those handy, too). Ohhhh, no. These kids want something special for every stage of their stay. It’s a party right?

They’ll want popcorn during their movie (that they spent 45 minutes choosing and then talked all through).

They’ll want ice cream for their midnight snack because the night is young.

Finally, when they get up in the morning – around 10:30/11:00 – they’ll be expecting breakfast.

They’ll be too tired to tell you so, but they’ll LOVE your waffles.

Always remember: comfort and food are your best lines of defense against wild, restless, sugar-rushed overnight guests. Good luck, soldiers parents.

-Lisa, editor

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