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To get your summer grilling off to a sizzlin’ start, enter our Red-Hot Grill Giveaway for a chance to win (1) top-of-the-line grill from an enticing list of 10 crazy-amazing possibilities! To enter, click on the link below …

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License to Grill

The great outdoors just wouldn’t be as wondrous if it weren’t for the myriad of delicious grilling delights that go hand-in-hand with agreeable seasonal weather. From simple, savory flatbread pizzas to gourmet burgers and decadent desserts, summer 2014 is the time to try new things, find your favorite flavors, and make some fun-filled memories.

Let’s take a quick peek at what we’ve got cooking for you to win …

1 – Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill & Smoker

Everything about this guy is heavy duty. From the substantial steel construction and cast iron grates to the attached fire box and deep black finish, this charcoal grill will feed your need to tame the flame. An adjustable ash pan for briquettes allows for easy heat adjustment while a built-in thermometer leaves nothing to chance.

2 – Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

Convenience and portability meet in this matte black, cast aluminum Weber wonder. A 6-foot grounded cord provides this electric grill with power, and high-quality porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates encourage even heat distribution so you can produce perfectly delicious results every time.

3 – Napoleon Portable Propane O Grill

Perfect for tailgating, off-site parties, and the like, this portable propane-powered grill goes wherever it’s needed. Folding legs, a Piezo ignition, and an ergonomic travel handle make this grill easy to tote, while 10,500 BTUs and a generous 225-sq.-in. cooking surface make whipping up tasty snacks simple.

4 – Alfa Forno Ciao Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

A gourmet-pizza party on wheels, this fully insulated pizza oven is crafted of professional-grade ceramic fiber to take some serious heat with ease. A modern profile and high-performance quality keep this oven looking cool – even as it heats to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes! Pizza perfection awaits …

5 – Swiss Grill Arosa Series A200 Gas Grill

Sleek Swiss style pairs with durable stainless steel to create a dream grill that any outdoor-cooking enthusiast will appreciate. A Swiss-style thermometer, commercial-grade rotisserie, and integrated bottle opener are fun additions to this smart 72,000-BTU, 6-burner cookout classic.

6 – Bull Lonestar Select BBQ Grill Cart

Steel, stainless, and flawless all over, this shining silver Bull grill/cart combo has everything you need for your next “grills” night out with friends and family. With space for prep, cooking, warming, and indirect cooking (smoker box!), this gas grill will help you keep your guests’ stomachs full and faces smiling.

7 – Landmann Smoky Mountain 2-Drawer Smoker

Make more of your favorite smoked meats and treats with this spacious 32-inch electric smoker. With 768 square inches of cooking area and four cooking racks, this state-of-the-art smoker makes cooking delicious meals a snap. The push-button LCD display on the built-in control panel = bonus.

8 – Primo All-in-One Kamado Grill

Stylish and simple, this small-space-friendly grill does it all without eating up all of your outdoor area. Its unique design features an incredible ceramic-blend finish with a protective, scratch-resistant porcelain glaze on the outside and the ability to grill or smoke summer favorites to perfection on the inside.

9 – Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill – Propane

One of the top names in grilling greatness, Weber makes an exceptional grill built to stand the test of time. This cast iron, professional-quality beauty features three stainless steel burners as well as porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates for stellar heat distribution with delicious results.

10 – Char-Griller Pellet Grill

Some like it hot … with a smidge of smoke! Give your grilled goodies a rich, authentic, smoky flavor with a grill that does the work for you. A large external hopper holds the wood pellets for this easy-to-use electronic grill, while a spacious cooking area allows you to pile on your preferred provisions of the moment.

Hungry for more? See our entire grills & outdoor cooking selection here, or shop the above options on the Great Grills, Good Times Styleboard.

Red-Hot Grill Giveaway: How to Win

It’s super simple to enter, here’s how it’s done …

1 – Submit your email address below to enter the Red-Hot Grill Giveaway.

2 – Earn more entries via social shares AND by commenting on this blog post below.

10 winners will be selected at random. Each winner will receive 1 of the 10 items listed above. The more entry methods you utilize, the better your chances of winning!

All entries must be received by June 13, 2014, 11:59 PM CST.

Good luck!

Kelly, senior editor


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  1. Angela A Simmons

    awesome! I would love to win this!

  2. sandi koler

    this is interesting

  3. Marilyn Mancini

    I would love to win any of these! My fav is #9. thanks!

  4. cathy Hogan

    Love your website and would love to win a new BBQ grill or smoker.

  5. Margo

    We are moving into a new home, would love to win this for my husband!

  6. Carla S

    My favorite food to grill is chicken.

  7. Marie Muckey

    I love to grill veggies and pizza

  8. Blessie Nelson

    Believe it or not, but its bacon wrapped sweet apples! Yum! Yum!

  9. Terra Heck

    My favorite food to grill is asparagus drizzled in olive oil and coated with parmesan cheese. Thanks.

  10. Jill Rodgers

    Would love to win this for my husband he needs a new grill!

  11. Kara Hitchens

    Cool grills for a hot summer fun time outdoor grilling.

  12. corina

    Our family’s favorite is a big steak and summer veggies. Hope to be cooking it on a new grill this summer;)

  13. Paula Noble

    Would love to give my husband a new grill for Father’s Day! Ours is falling apart!

  14. Anne Bierman

    I would love to win this grill for my husband!

  15. kathy sibley

    I would love to win one of these grills!

  16. Georgina Rinaldi

    We need this sooooo bad, our grill is on its last leg!!!!!!!! Hope Hayneedle picks my name to WIN.

  17. Ronald Ash

    Grilled T-Bone

  18. John Young

    Great grills

  19. kyle

    Can I win them all! I love grilling!

  20. Mona Clugh

    We need a new grill!

  21. eric

    I want it!

  22. Cindy

    Id love to win anything, I never win anything.. except maybe a cold, LOL.. Thank Goodness for my sense of humor…

  23. darlene


  24. cristina

    I want to won one please!

  25. cristina

    Perfect for father’s day!

  26. Jim

    My favorite it smoked Ribs, could use a new grill mine just died from over use

  27. Dwayne Wilson

    what can I say other than I love the site, I love the sales, and I also love the contest.

  28. Anita Snider

    Enjoy cooking outside would love a new grill

  29. Sharon

    Thanks for the Great Contest!

  30. Barbara Gamez

    Love them all!

  31. katherine tino

    I love grilled asparagus & peaches.

  32. alena svetelska

    we so need new grill

  33. Kelly

    I’d love to win this. I don’t have a grill and only get to enjoy a good barbeque when I go to friends’ houses.

  34. cher

    I love to grill seafood and vegetables.

  35. Mark Meade

    I’m already the best cook going one of these wonderful grills would just solidify that, lol. Good lookin is a cookin.

  36. Tracie Michelle Trump

    Love to grill steak and corn on the cob!

  37. Christal

    My favorite thing to grill is vegetables and marinated chicken.

  38. Paul

    My favorite thing to grill is a turkey and burgers.

  39. Camille

    Love the gardening selections, so many choices! I may never come in the house again!

  40. Norie Taleon Sadural

    I’d like to win them all but I’ll settle for any grill accessories.

  41. Dan

    Awesome contest! Would love to win the Weber Grill!

  42. Chris


  43. Lisa Bails

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  44. Rae Novich

    I love grilling hamburgers!

  45. Sarah Chapin

    I love the idea of my own wood fired pizza oven!

  46. Wendiw S

    I love grilling corn on the cob and chicken.

  47. Jim Mayes

    I really like this web site. It is great.


  48. Sharde T

    Awesome giveaway, can’t wait for summer!

  49. Sharde T

    I forgot to add what I like to grill. I love grilled corn.

  50. Brian Brooks

    Tofu lots of tofu and maybe some bacon.

  51. Linda

    It would be awesome o win one of these grills just in time for the summer grilling season!

  52. Rust

    I love grilling steaks and brussels sprouts.

  53. Deb Christie

    My favorite is Broiled Lobster. I love it!

  54. karen butterworth

    great deal!

  55. Frances Crissman

    looking forward to being a winner

  56. Betty B.

    I love to grill lemon pepper chicken!

  57. Sandy N.


  58. Sandy N.


  59. Kane

    Spring Flinging BBQ.. Sizzling Summer Fun….Fall smoking smoked cedar Winter Warm and Cozy Grilling for the filling

  60. Asha

    I love grilled lobster tails!

  61. Stacey

    Love a nice medium rare steak! Would love to get my husband the smoker for Father’s Day!!

  62. Melissa S.

    In love grilling steak and mushrooms!!

  63. jordy

    I love grilling salmon and veggies!

  64. Ashley Combs

    I love bbq ribs and I some times want a grilled brakefast are family wants to grill all summer!!!!

  65. Cindy Combs

    My favorite thing to grill is Beer can Chicken it is sooo good!!!

  66. Veronica Schneider

    I love to cook for my grandkids my favorite things to grill are corn on the cob and nice juicy stakes

  67. amanda whitley

    i lie to grill steak tips.

  68. Heath Hekrdle

    Grilling Rocks My World!!!

  69. Shane

    I could really use a new grill!!

  70. Nina Boyd

    I love to grill a good beef roast. Stuff it full of garlic cloves, season it with a little seasoned salt and lots of black pepper,……MMmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  71. Anne Pierson

    I love your products!

  72. Natividad San Nicolas

    Thank you, I’m going to love my new grill!

  73. Renae Albright

    I enjoy the all American standards…big juicy burgers, bratts, metts and hot dogs.Nothing compares to the awesome taste of grilled food!

  74. Peggy

    I would love to win this and cook some ribs, corn on the cob and potatoes. YUM

  75. Sam

    Love Hayneedle! Love grills! Love to win! 🙂

  76. Brendan d Peterson

    Please pick me, I love to grill!!

  77. Deb

    My husband needs #7!

  78. Jo-Ann Nestor

    Sorry, I don’t have a blog and I have no idea what pinterest is. Hope this doesn’t ruin my chances!

  79. candy joslin

    I would LOVE to win #6!!! 🙂

  80. Mina

    Such a generous giveaway with lovely choices! <3 Would love to win one for my newlywed hubby for our first anniversary, coming up on Memorial Day weekend!

  81. Clyde Wood

    New home. Need grill.

  82. M. Corbin

    I love to BBQ. I will be looking in on this often!

  83. Helen Valenti

    Sure could use a new grill, ours is falling apart……

  84. Patricia C


  85. Patricia C

    I love grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs!

  86. Jill H

    Corn on the cob& chicken

  87. Jane Burnette

    Love this site, thank you.

  88. Brooke Bordeaux

    My favorite food to grill is shrimp and steak. There is nothing more “summer like” than grilling outside with family and friends! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these amazing grills! <3

  89. Paul Bunze.

    Hoping to win, so I can start “grillin”

  90. Kay H

    This would be an awesome surprise for my husband for Father’s Day and 37th Anniversary! He works so hard all year and loves to grill, but his grill is broken.

  91. Alba Quiroga

    We love to grill as a family? Some of our most memorable family gatherings are barbecuing together and with friends.

  92. dustin fink

    I would love to win one of these

  93. Diana Romano

    I love grilling fruits and vegis

  94. bruce

    Yay!, I won

  95. Charlotte Cobb

    I like to grill everything>> easy favorites are hamburgers and hot-dogs like I have had for the last four days!!!

  96. Casey

    I have a salt brick that I love to grill pineapple on!

  97. lorre harris

    How cool would it be to bake your own pizza. Show Off! LoL

  98. Christina C.

    I love to grill corn!

  99. Frank

    would be great!

  100. misty

    Love for BBQs

  101. Frank

    I want for summer grilling!

  102. Katie Vickers

    Hayneedle website is such an adventure ~ Since the fire we’re fortunate to have a new home – with porch! Propane grill or pizza oven are favorites for our mixed foods family.

  103. Lynda

    For the past three years, my husband has been buying replacement parts to repair & salvage our existing grill – For him and our safety, I’d love to be able to win him a new grill – Nothing fancy, just a simple stainless 4 burner would be great!

    Thanks for hosting this opportunity for people to have a chance to win a new grill – just in time for summer!


  104. Jessica

    I love grilling steak.

  105. Lori Scott

    We love grilling kabobs!

  106. Annette


  107. Dan

    Pizzas and ribs are my favorites.

  108. Kristina Faricelli

    My favorite food to grill is organic rib eye steaks!

  109. Angie PreciselyMine

    I like grilling hot dogs and burgers.

  110. Shelbie Johnston

    lobster tails mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  111. Cheryl B.

    I love to grill steaks!

  112. Bill Sullivan

    Definitely burgers

  113. Amber

    We Sooo need a grill. The old one had a bad accident on the way back from camping.

  114. Chris Barker

    All of these grills look great!

  115. Annette B

    I would love to win a grill. I would like to grill veggies and cook outside to keep the heat out of the house all summer. Good Luck to everyone who enters!

  116. Gail Davis

    Love them all. It’s very hard to pick just one.

  117. Gail Davis

    Grilling is the best ! And any grill would be great!!

  118. Todd Jackson

    Grilling makes everything taste better!

  119. yvonne galindo

    Just in time for summer

  120. Patricia Stirnkorb

    I love Hayneedle products! They are top quality and I can’t wait to win this grill!

  121. Tracy Spencer

    would love to win one, would go well with the indoor/outdoor rugs I just purchased from you folks.

  122. Rodney

    I love grilling!

  123. Laura

    I love to grill squash and sweet potatoes

  124. Mike Fiorentino

    I grill everything! Scallops are one of my favorites!

  125. Shana

    I would love number 9

  126. John Bemis

    Bone-in Ribeye is my number one choice … I need a new grill!

  127. Deborah St Lawrence

    So many awesome choices!!

  128. Lisa A

    Love to grill!!

  129. Joan G

    We love to grill many things but my favorite is thick juicy steak.

  130. Jim

    I’ve been in my first home for just about a year and I haven’t purchased a grill yet. Been saving up and working on the house. Winning any of these would be a pleasant surprise.

  131. Wendy

    Would love to win!!! Looks Fantastic

  132. Cassandra Coleman

    Lemon pepper wings.

  133. ellen scollins

    I love to grill!

  134. Miriam

    Bring on the pizza forno! Fingers Crossed!!

  135. Jimmy

    Spare ribs on the smoker are my favorite

  136. JoAnn

    I would love to grill some shrimp on one of Hayneedle’s outdoor grills!

  137. M Baker

    Yum! Want to win:-)

  138. Rick Wiersma

    I’d love the wood fired pizza oven.

  139. Ann Russell

    game hen and asparagus

  140. David Van Husen

    I love to grill Steaks!!

  141. Mike

    New grill would look great on the deck!

  142. brenda


  143. Teresa

    I so want a nice gas grill. Mine is a rock circle, charcoal, and old grill 🙁 Thanks for the opportunity ! 🙂

  144. Diane

    I love blackened seafood on the grill….shrimp, salmon, so yummy!

  145. Kristy

    This would be an awesome gift for my husband. I am such a fan of this site.

  146. Corey

    I love grilling anything: burgers, steak, salmon, hot dogs.

  147. Kristy

    My favorite grilled food is fresh veggies. I love squash, pepper, onions and tomatoes on the grill.

  148. denise


  149. Shawna

    We love to grill vegetables and copper river salmon (when it’s in season!)

  150. Dawn

    Chicken! BBQ Chicken is the best!

  151. JANY FRY

    Love burgers, steaks and seafood.

  152. mike


  153. Brian Fillion

    Everything taste better on a grill!

  154. Rex Vang


  155. susan smoaks

    my favorite food to grill is ribs

  156. Lorraine Rabl-McRoberts

    Great selection of grills!

  157. Wendi St Jean

    Love to grill ribs and chicken!

  158. monet tiedemann

    we love grilling lots and lots of veggies.

  159. Carla


  160. Kristin Barclay

    I love almost anything grilled, but probably grill steak more than anything. Our grill broke last summer!

  161. Laura Miller

    I love grilling kabobs!

  162. Lauren Gonser


  163. sheila ressel

    I love to grill veggies of all kinds.

  164. aaron


  165. Amy Craig

    We just love to grill! Our favorite would probably be beef or pork steak. Awesome giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

  166. Carrie A.

    My favorite foods to grill are teaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, & chicken!

  167. Camille @ Chez Moi

    Mmmmmm. I think we need something that will smoke meats! Lots of great options!

  168. Jesse Quintero

    i would love to win a grill

  169. Kathryn

    hot dogs!

  170. Vahe Guerbidjian

    This is my lucky chance! The weekends have to include a barbecue event…with shish kabobs and savory burgers on the grill.
    This has to be awesome!

  171. Melinda Kelly-Major

    My Hubby WOULD LOVE this Grill!!

  172. Evan Doty

    I LOVE SUMMER! And bbq’ing!

  173. Donna Riese

    Smoking is the best! With hickory or bay wood.

  174. Elisa

    would love to win one of these!!

  175. Ann

    I could really use a new pellet grill!

  176. Gloria Schulte

    I like to grill baby back ribs

  177. Katie

    No question – Steaks!

  178. Colleen

    My first shipment arrived early from Hayneedle. It was perfect!

  179. Doug Penzien

    Hey honey, fathers day is coming and the grill is broken.

  180. Matthew

    Would love a grill!

  181. Dan W

    Mmmm grilled asparagus with butter and fresh garlic!!

  182. ouida stokes

    my husband would love one of these for fathers day,which is also his bday.

  183. Sue

    Pizza, steak, veggies, chicken

  184. Edward Ford

    Pizza Oven!!! Nice!

  185. Jennifer

    Food adventures await!

  186. Julie Stratton

    This would awesome to surprise my husband with when he returns from Afghanistan! He would be so stoked !

  187. robyn safier

    i love to grill hot dogs, chicken and burgers with cauliflower for the family and our friends to enjoy – nothing fancy – just good tastes with good friends and family

  188. Steven Feldman

    These grills make me hungry!

  189. Kym Larsen

    Let’s get grillin

  190. Erin Rabatin

    would love to win!

  191. Erin Rabatin

    Love to grill vegetables!

  192. Sara Benedix

    I love to grill brisket, ribs, chicken and pizza! Yummy!

  193. crystal lane

    I love to grill chicken

  194. Mike

    Steak is my favorite food to grill.

  195. Amber

    I always grill asparagus and mushrooms to go with whatever meat we decide to grill.

  196. Greg Mullen

    I really need a grill! Seafood, steak, mmmmmm…..

  197. Kellie

    Steak is my favorite to grill!

  198. Michelle Wells

    Would love to win this for my awesome hubby!

  199. Eric

    Nice, I like the webber!

  200. Eric


  201. SM Beck

    We cook brussels sprouts with garlic on the grill – delicious and you don’t have to stink up your house!

  202. Diane

    So excited!!!

  203. Shar

    This is awesome! I so need a new grill~or pizza oven or smoker! Thanks for the chance Hayneedle!

  204. Christian

    Fingers are crossed!

  205. Kayren Witt

    A new grill is needed.

  206. Doug

    I love to grill Baby Back Ribs! Thanks for this amazing giveaway

  207. Jim Y

    I cook steaks ribs and shrimp.
    I want grills 5,6, 9

  208. Mike

    Gotta be steak…would love to make one on a new grill!!!

  209. tara f.

    love to grill, shrimp, steak & chicken!!!

  210. Steve C


  211. sara

    Steaks and Corn

  212. Lauren

    My favorite food to grill is steak, though artichokes may be a close second!

  213. Tami Vollenweider

    Love to cook Catfish on my Grill!

  214. Kathy Somerville

    I am so in need of a new grill. It would be great to win one of these. 🙂

  215. Ann

    Love the grills, smokers and pizza oven. Especially like #1,#4 and #5. Thanks!

  216. Julie Pease

    We cook our bacon on the grill to keep the grease out of the stove and kitchen, works great.

  217. Alyssa


  218. Dan

    Ribeye all the way!!

  219. celeste escobar

    Love everything I have ordered from Hayneedle & tell other folks about you all the time.

  220. Edmund Coppinger

    Would love to grab one of these!!

  221. Angela Barnes

    I love to grill just about everything, but my favorite thing would have to be chicken or veggies.

  222. German Lopez

    My favorite foods to grill are steaks, seafood, burgers, and veggies. I guess everything haha

  223. adrienne bireley

    I love to grill veggies

  224. sindee

    love to win it! nice grill!

  225. Julie

    I would be over the moon to grill some fresh wild Alaskan salmon along with some green asparagus and yellow zucchini, followed up with dessert – grilled peaches that will be filled with a mascarpone cream and drizzled with a caramel sauce!

  226. Tammy Darling

    I like ribeye steak on the grill!

  227. Mike

    Definitely need a new grill!

  228. Caroline

    I love a good burger on the grill!

  229. Tami Vollenweider

    Love to cook Catfish on the Grill!

  230. Hank Lawrence

    My favorites to grill are steaks and veggies. Good luck to all those who entered the contest. I hope to win something!

  231. Taryn

    We just moved into our first house, and we’d be so thrilled to have a grill like one of these! My personal favorite is No. 9 – that Weber looks amazing!!

  232. Alicia

    Summer is my favorite time of year! Love to grill out with friends and family! A new grill or smoker would make this time of year even better!!!

  233. dawn boynton

    My favorite food to grill is good ol’ burgers!

  234. marina

    Fave food to grill is good ol’ fashioned hsish-kebob!

  235. Mario

    Prime rib steaks and blue corn polenta

  236. Stephanie Ramsey

    Love Grillin! Can’t beat brisket TX style!

  237. Tara Murray

    Gotta love chicken on the grill.

  238. ron

    what a summer, with one of these!

  239. jmcorakitty

    This will be great for good ol’ fashioned burgers and hotdogs!

  240. tali

    Number 5!

  241. Sherry Conrad

    I like grilling veggies.

  242. sandra

    I like to grill burgers and steaks

  243. Annette Rollins

    I would love to win one of these. We love to grill out and our grill is almost worn out.

  244. stephanie mellott

    I love to grill hamburgers.

  245. lori draughon

    All these are so cool, I would love to win any one of them

  246. Robin McDaniel

    I love to grill and hope to win.

  247. William Amundsen

    I have dreamed of owning a grill like one of these

  248. Lori

    I would love to win any of these! Thank you for the chance Hayneedle!

  249. Corinne Amundsen

    We live in a Gulf Coast State and we grill everyday, we need a new grill!

  250. Sherry

    would make Momma happy if Poppa did more cooking outside this summer..keeping my fingers crossed!

  251. Mary Ann Leonard

    What a great selection; these are all top-of-the line grills.
    I daydream about winning one!

  252. Erin OConnor

    My favorite thing to grill is asparagus. I would marry it.

  253. Kathy McCrae

    I enjoy loaded Kabobs … steak, shrimp, chicken, onions, tomato, pepper, pineapple, random veggies. Always feels like I’m on vacation when eating them!

  254. Susan

    I love to grill. My grill is over 5 years old and I would love to win a new grill.

  255. Richard

    Copper River salmon are great on the grill this time of year!

  256. Nona

    I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks good luck to you all.

  257. Lucinda

    I hope I win!

  258. Craig Cisko

    Grillin&Chillin 😀

  259. Nan Lindstrom

    Would love to win this grill so I can be the GrillMaster of my household!!

  260. Crystal Sell

    Love grilling steaks out on the grill! 🙂

  261. Norm

    Would love to smoke some Ribs or cook a pizza on that pizza grill.

  262. Sandra McFadden

    I love everything grilled but would have to say a good ear of corn is the best.

  263. Sally Martino

    Our grill has rusted through and we have to “jerry-rig” it to cook. We could really use a new gill!!!!

  264. Bob


  265. Sandra Caraballo

    These are fantastic!!

  266. Lenore Hamilton

    Everything is better when it’s grilled! Yum!

  267. Lisa

    I love the pizza oven!

  268. Robert Garland

    I really could use a new grill. Mine is about Kaput.

  269. Lauren Clancy

    Excited to possibly get some grillin going for the summer!

  270. Russell Parsons Jr

    If I am fortunate to win I could learn to grill properly!

  271. Chris

    Love grilling!! Especially steak!!!!!

  272. Jen Neunlist

    My favorite food to grill is HOT DOGS!!!!!

  273. Melanie

    I love grilling fruits and veggies! Tasty AND healthy!!

  274. Gosia

    all on my wish list!

  275. Mariya

    A new grill would be great in time for summer!

  276. Pat Quinn

    My favorite item to cook on the grill is corn on the cob (without the husk) that has tarragon mixed with a little melted butter spread on top while it cooks.

  277. Megan

    Those grills look awesome… great for cooking some burgers or chicken!

  278. Nancy Reid

    I love to grill salmon!

  279. Paul Conrow

    Would LOVE to win #10, cuz I’m just a little smoker myself!

  280. Robert Hewitt

    I love to grill quartered Vidadlia onions in foil wrap then add dry seasoned ribeyes, and finally half mushrooms seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and coated with Olive Oil.

  281. Pat Warnicke

    I’d like one of each please. 🙂

  282. Kat Bendure

    The pizza oven is my dream!!!!

  283. tls simms

    steak is what my hubby likes to grill..I hope I can win this grill for him for Father’s day…he is tired of his george foreman LOL

  284. Jenn Hooper Herrera

    Carne Asada and Ahi Tuna!

  285. Leesa Johnson

    steak is my favorite

  286. sara

    I want to try grilling peaches this summer.

  287. Leisa Wooten

    SAlmon and asparagus!!

  288. Jennifer Tecco

    We love to grill all summer long & into the fall.
    You name it we grill it, delicious 🙂

  289. Amy Michaels

    Steak 🙂

  290. Debbie

    My husbands grill burned up yesterday. So glad we are all safe. Glad the propane didn’t explode. Hose had a leak new propane tank.

  291. gricelda castro


  292. Jack Artale


  293. Debbie Clauer

    corn on the cob

  294. Aisha Holley

    My favorite food to grill is chicken thighs and pork belly!

  295. Jennifer Sitz


  296. Shea Adams

    I love grilling hotdogs and burgers!

  297. T-Bone

    This is a “smoking” hot deal!!!! Hold your brats it’s brisket time

  298. Lura

    grilled veggies all the way

  299. Priscilla Horne

    Great grills. Would love to have a new one.

  300. Lorri Pearson

    Healthy eating!

  301. Jeff

    I love to grill shrimp on a new grill

  302. Keith Kraushaar

    bratwurst is the best

  303. Sophie Vazansky

    Ribs are our favorite.

  304. Steve Knock

    Steak on one of these Grills, All I say is YUM YUM

  305. Lauren

    Desperately need a new grille and can’t afford it :(… Would be grateful for any of these beauties!!

  306. Carol Y

    My favorite thing to grill is hamburgers.

  307. Ann Fantom

    I like to grill salmon

  308. heather c

    I love grilling hobo packets filled with squash, potatoes and onions.

  309. Staci Browning

    Love grilling fish with lemon and orange on the grill!

  310. Rebecca Nankervis

    Would love to win one of these!!

  311. bob


  312. Kelly

    Would love to win this for my husband for Fathers Day!

  313. Neil Sullivan

    Ribs are my fav. I would love any of these grills

  314. Amy spivey

    We need a grill really bad! Pick me! 🙂

  315. trisha kilpatrick

    i love to grill chicken breasts. That is my children’s favorite, too.

  316. Brigitte W.

    Steaks are my family’s favorite thing to ~ nothing beats the flavor of a hot off the grill steak!

  317. Joe K

    Nice – thanks!

  318. Jean D.

    I love grilled asparagus.

  319. Margaret Smith

    Steak is my favorite.

  320. Joanne Schultz

    Love BBQ chicken and ribs!

  321. Courtney B.

    Great giveaway!

  322. Courtney B.

    I love to grill corn!

  323. Ruth

    Fresh salmon on a cedar grilling plank with a side of grilled asparagus and squash.

  324. sandra williams

    anything with sweet baby rays bbq sauce.

  325. Toni Schlinsog

    I love grilling Tofu!

  326. Geoff K

    Love to grill chicken more than anything!

  327. michael woods

    thanks for the giveaway

  328. ivelisse woods

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  329. tamatha hunter

    nothing like a burger w/cheese on the grill, can’t wait

  330. Elizabeth e.

    Meat, meat, and more meat!

  331. Bob Brannon

    I’d love to win one of these grills.

  332. Julia Nystrand

    I can’t decide which is my favorite!

  333. Ingrid Jackson

    We enjoy ribs on the grill.

  334. Barbara

    like the different looks

  335. Heather

    I love to grill marinated chicken and fresh veggies!

  336. Harry

    How I win, could use a new grill…

  337. Conrad Kovash

    I love to work with Hamburgers and Fruit (work in progress)

  338. Linda Kubala

    My favorite to grill is bacon burgers and I also wrap and grill my corn on the cob.

  339. Kathy Robinson

    would love to grill some ribs on these grills

  340. Mildred McLemore

    I would love to win one of these for my hubby because he loves to barbecue.

  341. tallcapp

    My favorite grilled food will always be hot dogs.

  342. Ola McGhee

    This grill is mine…I’ve named it n claimed it

  343. Nina

    This could launch me into ACTUALLY using a grill! lol

  344. Naomi


  345. Lora Anne M

    We love grilling kabobs with steak, peppers and onions.

  346. Tom Torpy

    Love Hayneedle, great giveaway! I’m the type that grills all year long….even shovel a path to the grill in the middle of winter:)

  347. Sheila Fiske


  348. Sarah H. Vance

    I love grilled spare ribs and vegetables!!!

  349. willis flanagan

    I really like bbq ribs.

  350. Jason Block

    Burgers and Hot Dogs!

  351. Amanda

    My favorite food to grill is zucchini, so good!! Thank you!

  352. Marvin Levitt


  353. Cynthia Garrett

    I hope I win one.

  354. jeanette sheets

    i love to grill staek

  355. Marilyn Nawara

    Ribs are my favorite

  356. Jessica Gengler

    love to grill hamburgers

  357. christine burd

    We love to grill corn on the cob

  358. agilling

    I love grilling veggies!

  359. Debra Pearlstein

    steak and asparagus

  360. Cynthia Hepworth

    It all looks amazing!

  361. Cynthia Hepworth

    We love to grill chicken kabobs.

  362. Claudia

    It would be difficult to pick a choice the grills are so nice.

  363. Claudia

    I love grilled artichokes.

  364. Brenda

    I am REALLY in need of a grill! I had went and checked mine, and it’s all rusted out on the bottom. So no grilling for me until I win this give away!
    Thanks for the hope and Good Luck to everyone!

  365. MARTHA

    Grilled hamburger w/ pepper jack cheese

  366. Deanna Middendorf


  367. Christina Strapp

    My husband does most of the grilling but I have grilled hot dogs.

  368. Hong-Phuc Tran

    My favorite food to grill are hamburgers

  369. Monica Y.

    We love to grill steaks!

  370. darci paice

    tomatoes with cheese grilled on the bbq and lovely veggies grilled in tin foil!

  371. Dan Nunn

    This looks like a nice giveaway

  372. Jannet Kwan

    Mine is steaks.

  373. Sara Sullivan

    I love to grill fresh veggies from my garden!

  374. Joyce Mikulasko

    My favorite food to grill is any kind of veggie, and steak. I see some grills in your contest I didn’t know existed, and I would love to win one 🙂

  375. Becky

    shrimp on the barbee!!

  376. Kelley Ross

    A pizza oven would be great!!!!

  377. Geoff


  378. Donna Waggoner

    I would love to win something from Hayneedle. We are still using a teeny tiny charcoal Webber

  379. Chad

    Barbecue chicken is my favorite food to grill….using my own special sauce..of course. 😉

  380. Gina Johnson

    We love to grill all types of fish,steaks and burgers. Also love to grill squash and corn!

  381. Raymond Wu

    My favorite item to grill remains to be a rib eye steak.

  382. Mo

    This would be awesome to win!

  383. Joy

    Grilling pineapple is myy fave

  384. ROSE O.

    My favorite food to grill is ribs.

  385. Karen B

    Steak and mushrooms/onions

  386. Steven Weitz

    Love to grill All year long, and most foods.

  387. Kathi Ausec

    I would love to win one of these awesome grills. Mom and Dad are in desperate need of a new one and if I win, this goes to them!

  388. Scott

    Ribs done low and slow.


    I would love to win a new grill!

  390. Amy Pratt

    Would love the gas grill, but would really love any of the items.

  391. Renee Fleming

    My tired grill has seen better days!

  392. Julie Butcher

    Oh how I would love to win a grill! We love to grill chicken and veggies.

  393. Lisa glentz

    This would make a nice gift for my hubby got Father’s Day!

  394. We love to grill all year long here in the Northeast!

    We Love to grill here all year long in the Northeast!

  395. Genevieve Nadeau

    We Love to grill all year round here in the northeast!

  396. Stephanie York

    I’d love to win this for my husband! He loves to grill out!

  397. Elisa

    grillin, grillin, grillin….

  398. Carly Williams

    I love grilling steak!

  399. Gosia

    Would love to win one

  400. Gail Argauer

    We live in Buffalo , so when the summer comes we grill just about e Rey night.

  401. cpullman

    Salmon covered in maple syrup, wrapped in foil, and tossed on the grill.

  402. Johanna

    My husband is a Webber man. This would be a great b-day/Father’s a Day gift!

  403. Tatiana

    My husband is the best cook! I would love to surprise him with one of these!!!

  404. Karen Keri

    Really need a new grill for all that Summer Time Grillin!!!

  405. Mitchell Zweibel

    Some of these charcoal grills are great and great, great prizes.

  406. Susan Christy

    Spicy chicken wings!

  407. Keeley Kabala

    All the grills are winners!

  408. sandy whitson


  409. Dawn Dicks

    I need a good charcoal grill. We grill year round. My favorite is jerk chicken and and vegetables.

  410. Gina McGraw

    I bet that Landmann Smokey Mountain Smoker would make my brisket taste even better!

  411. Carly Dykstra

    Grilling is my favorite part about summer! Would love to have a new grill!!

  412. Julia Nystrand

    I love to grill fresh veggies! Peppers, portobellos and asparagus are my favorites!

  413. Ryan Nystrand

    I make killer roast corn on the cob and prime rib on the grill

  414. Debbie

    I love to cook ribs and hamburgers.

  415. Chris

    Kabobs of all varieties!

  416. Lisa G

    I love to grill steak and veggies

  417. Pam Cook

    I wish a cook came with the grill!!

  418. Amy Z

    I love to grill t-bones and yukon gold potatoes.

  419. Kim

    Steaks and hamburgers are my favorites on the grill!

  420. silva eltchi

    This will be great in our back yard.

  421. Belen Espiritu

    My grill just “wore out” so I would really love to win a replacement. Thanks!

  422. louise


  423. Carol Hall

    Food always tastes better grilled! Would love a new grill to enjoy. thanks Hayneedle.

  424. Kate

    My favorite food is grass-fed beef, grown locally.

  425. Michelle McCulloch

    My favorite food to grill is ribs!

  426. steve howard

    Steak baby!

  427. Steven C


  428. Kate


  429. Shawn Stover


  430. JoAnn

    This is the ULTIMATE PARTY MACHINE..let the creative juices flow..Summer fun begins!!!

  431. Scott Martin

    I love grilled shrimp.

  432. KW

    My granddaughter loves her new sand box, I hope the grill is just as nice.

  433. Nathaniel Blair

    Love to grill chicken and romain hearts on my kamado for a grilled romaine Caesar salad. That Vision Kamado would be nice!!

  434. Emily C

    I love to do pizza on the grill!

  435. Shayna

    I love to grill BBQ Chicken 🙂

  436. shaunie w

    My favorite food to grill is steak

  437. Chris

    I love grilling veggies!

  438. kasey kollman

    corn on the cob

  439. sheri anderson

    Our family likes to grill burgers and hot dogs, very traditional. But we don’t have a grill right now so would love to win, thanks!

  440. linda lansford

    favorite food to grill is chicken

  441. Brenda


  442. Troy Carson

    Looks great!

  443. Liz N

    hamburgers for sure! Yum! I love grilling!

  444. CJ Queen

    MMM love them all . . which one?

  445. Matt


  446. john gibson

    Chicken & veggie kabobs

  447. Maranda S.

    Would love to win!

  448. Connie Lee

    We like grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

  449. Jessica

    I’d love to win a new grill!

  450. Steve

    I NEED that Pellet Grill!!!

  451. Katie

    So need a new grill!

  452. Katie


  453. keisha

    I love to grill steaks and burgers.

  454. Melissa M

    Shish Kabobs

  455. Rosanna Chapman

    My favorite food to grill is hot dogs!

  456. Tarah

    I love grilling steaks on our grill.

  457. elizabeth miller

    I LOVE to grill ribs!!!

  458. Gordon Baxter

    Nothing like salmon on the grill! Great giveaway!

  459. Amanda Creen


  460. sonia b

    Burgers & hot dogs!

  461. Amanda

    I am in love with the Weber Genesis. XOXO

  462. Tammy Wentz

    I love to grill steak and potatoes!!

  463. Shea Balentine

    bacon wrapped chicken!

  464. Stacey

    We love grilling chicken breasts and corn on the cob!

  465. Lisa s


  466. Michelle Bartolotta

    I love to grill Ribeye Steaks 🙂

  467. cris s

    Burgers burgers burgers

  468. JANE V

    Steak, but everything tastes better on the grill.

  469. Steve P

    Love grilling steaks most of all, followed by hamburgers

  470. Charlie Miliner

    I love to grill up some steak!



  472. Donna Kellogg

    My favorite is Burgers

  473. rebecca roberts


  474. april johsnon


  475. Lacey Burd

    Stuffed peppers are my favorite!

  476. Sarah Cunningham


  477. Debra S

    We so badly need a new grill! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  478. Debra S

    We love to grill kabobs on the grill, along with some asparagus.

  479. jodi goins

    my favorite thing to grill is a T-Bone grand parents use to kill a cow every year and freeze it and when i got off school bus my grandma would have me a T-Bone on the grill for me when i got in.and i could eat them everyday!

  480. Heather D

    What an awesome giveaway! Grilling is a great addition to any summer day!

  481. Michelle Weaver

    We love to grill burgers!

  482. Marci


  483. Becky VanGinkel

    My favorite food to grill is Filet Mignon with fresh asparagus! Yummmmy… now I want some 🙂

  484. Tiffani T

    Tri Tip is my favorite..:)

  485. Stephanie O.

    Our family loves grilling chicken.

  486. Elaine

    I would love a grill!

  487. Holly Caudle

    Thanks for the chance! I love to grill chicken, hotdogs and zucchini

  488. Donna Evans

    I love grilled hotdogs with grilled corn on the cob

  489. Collene

    I love grilling a thick-cut seafood steak. Whatever’s fresh but especially swordfish when it’s in season.

  490. Taylor Closet

    Hamburger are my favorite on the grill.

  491. Amy Tripp

    I love grilling a nice juicy steak on the grill!

  492. K. Finn

    My favorite – hot dogs- much better on the grill.

  493. April Brenay

    cheese burgers on the grill are the best

  494. Tommie Petito

    Smoked beer can chicken

  495. Mallory D

    Definitely gotta be steak:)

  496. Rene Hasselle

    I love to grill everything that I can grill, then have leftovers!

  497. jalasweeps

    Favorite food to grill is burgers and hot dogs!

  498. LINDSEY


  499. greg

    without a doubt…burgers!!

  500. scott jones


  501. Annmarie W.

    I love chicken kabobs!

  502. Rachael

    Chicken on the grill. Yum.

  503. Matthew Johnson


  504. JoAnn Brightman


  505. tripp

    I would live to win one of these!

  506. Jenny

    Need a grill bad

  507. Ify Nonyelu


  508. marie

    Any would be great! but #7 is my preference so I can smoke meats!

  509. Kristin

    favorite thing to grill would be asparagus

  510. Mark Miller

    I love to grill Steaks!

  511. jamie hamilton

    My favorite foods to grill are marinated mushrooms.

  512. David D

    grilled burgers are my favorite

  513. Pamela Price

    Great Giveaway ! I could use a new grill : )

  514. Pamela Price

    Great giveaway.. I love to grill corn…. Could use a new grill : )

  515. Christine

    I love grilling Chicken breast and ribs!

  516. Chelsea Hoskinson

    Would love to win for this summer!

  517. Maria Cywinski

    Grilling summer fun

  518. Troy Carson

    I love to grill burgers!

  519. Victor Markiewicz

    Grilling summer’s treat

  520. Rachel

    Veggies of all kinds, but I love Corn on the cob grilled.

  521. Phyllis Wade

    Steaks and Ribs!

  522. Douglas

    Both website and products are top-notch.

  523. Jeff Rothrock

    rib eye steaks

  524. Ruksana

    My Favourite Food to Grill is CHICKEN.

  525. Takia White

    Good luck to everyone

  526. Lorie Pattison

    Yes Please! and Thank You for the Chance! I am wishing for 5, 6, 7 or 9 since mine is fallin’ apart! Much cheaper to buy a new one than to replace parts as I have sadly learned after buying the guts separately as they were needed!

  527. Paula Gillespie


  528. Lorie Pattison

    OOPS…so excited I forgot to say…Shrimp/Fishes/Veggies/fruits!

  529. Mya Murphy


  530. jeanette hilliard


  531. Carol Moore

    This is an awesome giveaway. I love to grill!!

  532. Robin C.

    I love to grill pepper skewers, chicken, steak and pizza!

  533. Audrey H.

    My favorite food to grill is seafood, shrimp, mahi. Perfect summer foods.

  534. amy mayer


  535. Diane

    porterhouse steak

  536. Cheryl Bond

    skrimps mmmmmmm

  537. Cheryl Bond

    mmmmmmm skrimps Shrimp/Fishes/Veggies/fruits!

  538. kk


  539. Vanessa

    Wow, would love #4…..all are pretty sweet.

  540. JD Northwest

    I do love salmon on the grill or fresh brats from our butcher.

  541. Cynthia L. Gray

    Love to grill summer veggies with my porterhouse steak!

  542. raquel perez

    I love to grill steaks and burgers 😀

  543. Kasey Joyner


  544. Jennifer Johnson

    Love lemom peper chicken and veggies

  545. Heidi Gagliardi

    Steaks any kind…yum!!!

  546. Eva D.

    Fajitas YUM!

  547. Kay

    I LOVVVVVVVE grilled pineapples 😀

  548. Heather Anderson

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  549. Robert B. Crockett

    I love to grill steaks !

  550. brenda nelms

    I love to grill meats, shish-kabobs and baked potatoes!

  551. Jennifer Scott


  552. Carolyn G

    Burgers and steak

  553. Gina N

    My favorite thing to grill is skirt steaks.

  554. Tammy Basile

    I love burgers and veggies on the grill!

  555. walter harding

    Anything to do with meat!

  556. stephen schott

    would love to win this

  557. Meghan Malicoat

    I like steak and chicken on the grill.

  558. kim

    I love to grill everything but my favorite is chicken

  559. Kelli A

    Pork shoulder, ribs.

  560. jeff hirsch

    I like making ribs

  561. Andrea B

    Yum…anything really…if I had a grill of my own 🙂

  562. Norman R Hall

    Great contests and prizes

  563. kristina arcuri

    We love to grill tritrip on the grill!!!! YUM!

  564. nancy baez

    I love to grill bbq chicken.

  565. vannessa j. charles

    I would love to win any one of these amazing grills, barbecues in the summer, i can see it now.

  566. ken heyl


  567. Rachel G

    I love to grill asparagus, onions and peppers on the grill.

  568. N Sunshyn V

    Sirloin tips

  569. Veronica

    I love to grill chicken for salad and chicken wings…………..

  570. Cheryl Burns

    BBQ Ribs

  571. Sents Saver

    I love to grill salmon & veggies!!!

  572. Annette

    Steak is my favorite food to grill.

  573. Mary


  574. Courtney

    I want another grill!

  575. Carol Clark


  576. Nikol Gero

    Chicken <3

  577. Natalie U

    My fave grilled item is asparagus with olive oil and sea salt!

  578. sarah s.

    love grilling brats

  579. nickie

    I like to grill hotdogs

  580. sadia shaikh

    we are building a new home this would be great if i won dont have grill

  581. Pedro Ramos

    would like #5, #6 or #9 please….thanks

  582. Jeanne Turman

    Fish and veggies in foil

  583. Cameron Howe

    I love grilling BBQ chicken…okay I love eating my husband’s grilled BBQ Chicken. I have actually never grilled anything on my own.

  584. Julie

    Love to grill pizzas and #4 is awesome..

  585. Mandi Johnson

    I love grilled pork chops 🙂

  586. Valerie C.

    I love to grill sirloin tip kabobs that I marinate first.

  587. Tram Le

    My favorite food to grill is burger.

  588. jason

    love to grill tri-tip!

  589. Candice N

    Steak tips.

  590. Tracy Davis

    I love to grill corn on the cob. That’s my favorite.

  591. CTMike

    I need a grill please!!

  592. miranda

    Opah is my favorite

  593. carol johnson

    Love grilling burgers, Thanks

  594. Justine

    I like to grill vegetables, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak.

  595. Alyssa


  596. Jon Heil

    Steaks are tasty!

  597. Gary


  598. Lorenzo Glover

    love it

  599. Lesa C Jones

    Rig and burgers

  600. Trevor

    My fav is number 5.

  601. Carla

    I love to cook hamburgers and beer can chicken on the grill.

  602. Mary Vantil

    I love shrimp on the BBQ

  603. Shannon Cross

    Chicken and hamburgers

  604. Karen Yott

    Chicken Wings

  605. Marta

    Moving into a new house and a new grill is exactly what we need!!!



  607. Anita

    I would love to give this to my husband for Father’s Day! We just bought a new home and have an outdoor patio!

  608. Christina Easter

    I absolutely love to grill ribeyes!

  609. Courtney

    Just in time for summer, thanks for the chance !

  610. Raymond Langer

    I love to grill burgers. Summer is my favorite time of the year.

  611. Shawna OBrien

    My favorite food to grill is Salmon!

  612. Valerie L


  613. Nanasap

    Homemade pizzas are great on the grill

  614. kyl neusch

    grill steaks

  615. joshua milks

    I would love a grill for my new home for this summer!

  616. holly heffelfinger

    great grills!!!

  617. Phillip


  618. Amanda B


  619. Ron Ablang

    Pork BBQ on a stick.

  620. Megan Holland


  621. kaykatz

    Love to grill pizza and veggies all year long!

  622. Sherri Smith

    I like to grill chicken and kebobs.

  623. Dianne Hahn

    I love to grill rib eye steaks, yum!

  624. Clifford Hayashi

    Favorite food to grill is zucchini

  625. Mary L Cottingham

    Anything is better on the grill… London broil, chicken, romaine

  626. Tenley Erickson

    We love to grill seafood! Fish, Shrimp, Clams, yummy!

  627. joni

    I like grilling BBQ Baby Back ribs.

  628. David Troya


  629. Ashley Tucker

    My favorite food to grill is chicken.

  630. Paul Greenberg

    The old one needs replacemenbt

  631. Donald Schmadel

    I love to grill

  632. Debbi R

    This is awesome, I would love to win the electric smoker

  633. Lesley

    Fish and veggies!!

  634. Pamela Goldman

    Salmon and ribs

  635. R. Pritchett

    Favorite food to grill is KC strip.

  636. Robin Y


  637. H.E. Deluna

    I like to grill fish and vegetables.

  638. Nancy Hilderbrand

    I love grilling vegetables and steak

  639. Sylvia Svihel

    Rib-eye steak is my favorite food to grill 🙂

  640. Lynne

    Steak and veggies

  641. Kathy C

    I’ll grill anything, I love it!

  642. Diane Kroese


  643. Elizabeth

    #6 or #9 would be perfect on the deck of my new home!

  644. Mary Langen

    We love to grill veggies, and the pizza oven is very cool.

  645. KaAnn Bartels

    Our grill is pretty old and does not work well so we do not use is much now, so it would really be nice to win a new grill.

  646. Cheyne

    Awesome prizes! Hope I win!

  647. vicky

    Hamburgers, yum!

  648. R. Spencer L

    My 11 year old grill just broke, so I would love to win one of these grills for my hubby for Father’s Day!! 🙂

  649. JoeyfromSC

    Burgers and grilled veggies

  650. Douglas Houston

    A big thick Rib-eye steak

  651. cole marie mckinnon

    My favorite food to grill is corn on the cob.

  652. Eileen

    Love to Smoke & Grill … any of these would be awesome!

  653. kelly light


  654. Kevin Krueger

    MMMMMM….Turkey Franks !!!!

  655. tamara serrao

    Thank You for the chance!!

  656. Laura Harrison

    Favorite food to grill is meats like steak, burgers, etc.

  657. PAT PRICE

    Thank you

  658. Ron Larson

    Thick slabs of pork steak!

  659. donalee richmond

    nothing like a good steak on the grill

  660. Lee A Sellinger

    I want them all

  661. Stephanie

    My favorite food to grill is kabobs with steak, pineapple, peppers, and potatoes

  662. Anita Pinson

    My family loves to grill!

  663. Tim

    I wanna Weber!

  664. w rome

    Steaks all the American Way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  665. kathy music

    very sweet giveaway

  666. Jenell


  667. Maria S.


  668. Karon Jewell

    Neat! So many different types.

  669. Jonathan Baker

    Love grilling BBQ chicken!

  670. Kurt Hoffmann


  671. elizabeth sewall

    Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

  672. lynsie morris

    Corn on the cob and sausage!

  673. Robert Curtis


  674. Dawn Kaestner

    You’re making me hungry for BBQ!

  675. NancyB from Many LA

    My favorite is hamburgers!

  676. Sue Brandes

    Hamburgers and brats are our favorite things to cook on the grill.

  677. David Schiff

    thank you

  678. Pamela Peck

    Would love any of these prizes

  679. Ivan McKinnon

    The traditional hamburgers and hotdogs

  680. Dala

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  681. Heidi K.

    My favorite food to grill is hamburgers.

  682. Jennifer S.

    I like grilling spatchcock chicken

  683. Brian Kautz

    Ribeye steaks

  684. Marge Pagan

    BBQ chicken

  685. William Webster

    I like BBQing, and even more eating the prepared food.

  686. Renea Downes


  687. Sea Gal


  688. Vicki Cox

    Love to grill steaks and burgers.

  689. barbara wright

    Hot Dogs! Nothing burns them as well as a grill!

  690. rhoni4

    My favorite thing to grill is Venison tenderloins.

  691. Laura Steiner

    I love grilling chicken and veggies.

  692. Janice L.


  693. james doyle

    steak 🙂 love grillin steak!

  694. Judith Carlow

    thank you for the opportunity! would love to win one of these!

  695. Natalie

    I love to grill marinated chicken or a good old homemade veggie pizza or kabobs.

  696. Diane Potts

    I Would Love To Win One Of These Awesome Grills…

  697. Shevon

    Nice Grills!

  698. Monique Hanson-Keeler


  699. Paul


  700. GL Long

    I love BBQ chicken on the grill. YUM!

  701. Berta Kadymov

    We grill so much that we finally decided we needed a better quality equipment. It would be amazing to win!

  702. Berta Kadymov

    My favorite food to grill is hamburgers

  703. Adam & Candace

    OMG! We love grilling pizzas and are planning on building a pizza oven…this would be an awesome win and save us the trouble of builiding one! What a beautiful selection of outdoor grills and ovens!

  704. teresa martinez


  705. bill spencer

    my favorite food to grill is a nice porterhouse steak. url is not found

  706. Dana

    My favorite food to grill is homemade pizzas or chicken.

  707. Toni Moore

    I’d love to grill up the fresh fish that my little guys & I catch! Happy Summer to y’all & happy grillin’!!! ;D

  708. rebecca b.

    I love to grill BBQ chicken, love the way it tastes from the grill!

  709. Jackie F.

    I love to grill all types of food. Thanks for such a great giveaway and hoping to win.

  710. Jeff Johnson

    Love a grill.


    nothing beats grilled hot dogs

  712. Gina

    Chicken and thinly sliced potatoes/onions in foil.

  713. Kathy Salmanson

    I just bought a new house and I need a grill!


    Could really use a new BBQ. Fav food to grill is baby back ribs.

  715. Rosanne

    Favorite food to grill is ribs

  716. skabrt

    Need it.

  717. Annes

    Ready to get stylie grilling!

  718. Jay Kohl

    Rib eye and fresh corn!

  719. ray


  720. Janine

    How awesome would this BBQ be in our yard with our new Adirondack Chairs!

  721. Matthew Pechter

    Yup Yup Yup

  722. Marcia Luhman

    I would like to have a grill

  723. kate

    I love to grill burgers! with cheese, of course 🙂

  724. Melissa Dealmeida

    I love to grill steaks and corn on the cob!

  725. angel kendrick

    I love grilled salmon


    I love to grill kabobs!

  727. Suzanne

    I love everything cooked on the grill but steaks are my absolute favorite. Even a chuck steak is great on the grill~

  728. Cary

    Chillin and Grillin

  729. Julie Carroll

    Everything tastes better on the grill – steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, pork… love it all!

  730. jill


  731. Amy B

    I like to grill pork

  732. HEATHER


  733. Dan Thomas

    I love to grill all food.

  734. Amanda Aspling

    I love grilled steak!

  735. Sara

    This is an amazing array of grills! Cannot wait to do some grilling and smoking this summer. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  736. Tracy Bradford

    Grilled steak, steak, and steak

  737. Susan

    Just in time for Father’s Day!

  738. Jennifer George


  739. Mary Beth Elderton

    Burgers are our all time favorite!

  740. Chris Watts

    Would love to win!!

  741. Mark Arthur

    Burgers……but just about anything really, except fish!

  742. Sharon Harding


  743. daniella

    my favorite thing on the grill is hot dogs!

  744. Susan Morris

    My favorite food to grill is steak kabobs!

  745. Daniel

    Steak, chicken, tuna, salmon … I’ll grill it all!

  746. Murry

    I love to grill chicken.

  747. Cristy Ridey

    Burgers ans hot dogs are the best!

  748. Julie

    Great giveaway!

  749. Sara Lentz

    I love to cook London broils on the grill after they have been marinated for at least 24 hrs. Good Stuff

  750. ally

    nice grills!

  751. Laura Lanza

    romaine lettuce

  752. Margaret Zupfer

    Brats in beer is always a favorate.

  753. Cris Pigg

    I would love to have real BBQ Grill!

  754. Jennifer J

    I love grilling pizza.

  755. elishia bakle

    tacos! and shishkabobs! yummy!

  756. Derek

    Time to grill some burgers!

  757. Laura Z.

    Proteins: Steak and Shrimp specifically!

  758. Sue

    Would love to win a grill!

  759. Eddie Dick


  760. Susan Campbell

    Love burgers from the grill!!

  761. Sheryl Flickinger

    My favorite thing to grill is barbeque chicken.

  762. Nicole Acuna

    Id have to say marinated NY strip steaks are my favorite <3

  763. Theresa Wilson

    Chicken and fresh veggies

  764. Chanda Neak

    I love grill fish. The taste is so different from searing it in the frying pan or baking it in the oven.MMMM..grill fish.

  765. gerard nealon


  766. Rita A

    I like to grill Salmon or shrimp!

  767. Tonya C

    Porterhouse Steaks!!!!

  768. Renee Skoglund

    Steaks are best grilled.

  769. Chris


  770. Dave K


  771. Stacey

    What a fun giveaway!

  772. Neal


  773. terry

    ribs are my favorite

  774. Tina Palmer

    I would love to have anyone of those BBQ’S 🙂

  775. Janine McNally


  776. latoya

    I love grilling fruits and veggies-pineapple and asparagus are 2 of my faves

  777. Jessica Herring


  778. Laura Wernet


  779. Mary Melton

    Love all the prizes….love to grill in the summer with friends!!!!!

  780. wanda jackson

    Would love a new grill for our summer BBQ’s

  781. Brenda Lee

    Would love to win!!

  782. Jen Mort


  783. alessandro pampolino


  784. juanita may

    My hubby would love a new grill.

  785. Carolyn Nedrow

    Salmon patties are my favorite food to grill.

  786. andrea coyle


  787. Brenda Mangle

    I love to do steaks on the grill!!!

  788. Gloria Tiner


  789. Colleen Trevizo

    I love to grill Steaks and chicken

  790. Katherine

    My favorite food to grill is steaks

  791. Dawn DeVita

    Love grilling steaks, lobster tail & asparagus! Who can pick just one thing!!!

  792. karen hunter

    I love to grill ribeye steaks

  793. Nancy

    Chicken Satay and grilled vegetables

  794. Shannan

    My favorite food to grill is the good ol’ hot dog.

  795. angela smith

    i love to cook steak and ribs and chicken wings on the grill.thanks for the chance.i could really use a new grill.mines in bad shape

  796. Jennifer

    I love to grill steak, chicken, and veggies!

  797. Ina Gribbins

    My favorite food to grill is ribeye!

  798. Shelly Van Goethem

    would love a new grill ours is and has been on its last leg, People drive by and stop and ask if we are throwing it out. We are so afraid one of these days that when we leave together we will come home and find it gone that we put it in front of the front door. backyard will not do we have an in ground pool.

  799. Cheryl Christian

    Thanks for the chance

  800. Cheryl Christian

    Chicken is favorite to grill. So many different ways to grill and have it taste totally different.

  801. KaAnn Bartels

    Grilling hamburgers.

  802. Kathy Vertanen

    Love to grill salmon and Parmesan potatoes.

  803. Kenneth Abbott

    Love grilled steaks

  804. joe Spatafora

    Freshly caught Hulf Grouper……..MMMMMM…… fingers crossed

  805. Jody Lipps

    Could definitely use a new grill.

  806. Kelly Tupick

    My favorite type of food to grill is shrimp on skewers. I marinate them for a few hours with garlic and herbs and then put them on the grill for a few minutes. These come out really great.

  807. carolyn piazza

    I love to grill pineapple

  808. les aldrich


  809. Erin Johnson-pina


  810. Dante

    I can picture myself grilling on either one of those this summer!! Pick me! Pick Me!

  811. Dana Rodriguez

    We grill steak,salmon and shrimp the most.I love the Alfa Forno Ciao Wood-Fired Pizza Oven!!

  812. Bridget

    I would LOVE to win a new grill. Grilled veggies, especially red peppers are my favorite with any kind of meat-YUM

  813. Patricia

    I love to grill chicken and corn on the cob.

  814. J. Rice

    I love to grill veggies and pork ribs

  815. Robert Pyszk

    I would grill steaks!!!

  816. BelaBelaBela

    Oh what joy a new grill would be!

  817. Thomas Frink

    I like to grill steak. Great contest.

  818. Barbara A

    Everything! – Steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and I could keep going. The one I like best – Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

  819. Heather R

    steaks! I typically stick to the same sides, too, as they’re my favorites on the grill – asparagus, potatoes, onions and mushrooms (always together!!), and corn on the cob!!

  820. Lisa

    A grill would be a fantastic prize to win.

  821. Eliza Morton

    Love the taste of food cooked on a charcoal grill, but I also love the quickness of a gas grill! I like to grill meats and vegetables!

  822. Jill Miller

    Beef ribs!

  823. Brenda McCracken

    I would love a charcoal grill if any of these are charcoal.

  824. Lance

    Ohhhhh how I want some smoked ribs

  825. Chrystal D

    I love grilling seafoods

  826. janet woodling

    Grilled chicken is number 1 with me.

  827. ann allard

    I love smoked meats, and grilled Vegetables.

  828. Rosa M Diaz

    I love corn on the grill. But again, I also love the salmon and the tacos with lots of avocado and grilled onions and jalapenos and skirt steak..
    I think I’m getting hungry now.

  829. Gail Cook

    I have never grilled in my life and I am over 50 (yikes!) would love to try if only I had a grill. Hmmmm…

  830. happi shopr

    I like to grill steaks, potatoes and onions

  831. Lilia

    Love to grill veggies and filet mignon!! Yum!!

  832. Beth

    MMMMmmmmm. Grills…

  833. Kylee

    Hot Dogs & Burgers!

  834. stephen allard

    meat, fish and vegetables

  835. Karen Wood

    Pizza, Veggie Kabobs, Breads and Desserts…………….

  836. Gary Howard

    chicken wings

  837. Becca Boogie

    Kabobs galore!!!

  838. Bobbie Smith

    I have to say we LOVE cooking everything on the grill, my favorite is corn on the cob, with some grilled hamburgers

  839. harry curtis

    grill me up scotty!

  840. Angela Adelman


  841. Crystal

    I love to grill chicken with bbq sauce and ears of corn with it!

  842. Amber Conaway

    I LOVE grilling corn on the cob!

  843. Julie Smith

    I would love to smoke some brisket on #9

  844. bc davison

    Corn on the cob is great roasted on the grill!

  845. Stephanie


  846. Jeff Mullins


  847. Tracie Vandermeulen


  848. Catherine Mallon

    I love to grill chicken on the grill. So many recipes but one thing in common, that brown you can’t get anywhere else.

  849. Ernie Macias

    I like grilling tri tip

  850. Mark Alberto

    I love to grill Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Veggies and Corn on the cob! HMMMM!

  851. brittany

    I love to grill anything. My favorite is steak

  852. Jeff Mayer

    Rib Eye Steaks!

  853. ken smith

    I love to grill to salmon with lemon pepper.

  854. Jennifer Phillips

    Love to grill fish and chicken, keeping my fingers crossed.

  855. Tyneisha Fondren

    My favorite food to grill is steak!

  856. Kevin Colbert

    The all american classic: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

  857. Mitzi Fisher

    I love to grill steaks and vegetables!

  858. Kim

    I’ve been wanting to try pizzas on the grill.

  859. Erik


  860. Stephanie

    I like to grill pork chops

  861. Janice

    I really really really need a new grill!

  862. Kimberly M.

    I love to grill any kind of seafood.

  863. Daniel

    Yum Yum, Summer Fun!
    Let’s See, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Kabobs, Steak, Taters, Well; you get the picture.

  864. Kelly Hafdell

    Would love to win for my husband for Fathers Day!

  865. chelsea

    I really like the prize #5. All of them look hot, had to throw that pun in there.



  867. jose benavides

    Chicken is my favorite food to grill for sure..

  868. David Wilkerson

    Steak and corn on the cob

  869. Deborah Mireles

    my favorite food to grill is ribs or chicken

  870. Sara B.

    I love to grill elk steak

  871. Linda Clineman

    Just moved from FL to NC and we had sold our old grill so I would really love to win a new one for my hubby since we can’t buy one.

  872. Linda Clineman

    what’s not a favorite on the grill? Burgers, dogs, sausage, shrimp, romaine hearts are super yummy and corn on the cob……..

  873. Kathy Carra

    Hayneedle is awesome!

  874. Geet Mahadik

    Chicken tikka

  875. Dorothy F.

    I love these grills!

  876. Pamea

    Grill a veggie pizza!

  877. Michelle L.

    I love to grill pizza! Love chicken, salmon, and turkey breast griiled too.

  878. Selinda

    I love grilled burgers and hot dogs!

  879. Tonya Tipton

    Baby back ribs!

  880. Deb

    Burgers have to be grilled!!!!

  881. Courtney

    I love grilling burgers, steaks, or veggies on the grill! Moving across country to a new house – would love to win this for my husband and our very first back yard!


    chicken my fav on the grill

  883. Jennifer

    we love to grill & being outdoors… we have been looking & saving to buy a new grill so winning this would be fantastic!!

  884. Petia

    Definitely steaks!

  885. Christine Haring

    Steaks and lobsters!!!

  886. Delores Parker

    My family loves to come and cook on the grill in the back yard. We can really use a new one

  887. pamela

    I would love to win an awesome grill

  888. tina reynolds

    I love grilling steaks

  889. Dominique

    Burgers/hotdogs and veggies!

  890. Debbie Moon

    My favorite food to grill is ribs and chicken

  891. Jennifer Lewis

    Hamburgers and chicken are my favorite grilled foods!

  892. Stephen D


  893. Cheryl Nolin

    Lemon pepper grilled chicken is the best!

  894. Keelin Evans

    Thank you Hayneedle for running a great contest to win a grill. I am in the process of buying my first home and would love to have one of these great grills. My favorites are 1, 5, and 6.

  895. Rory


  896. Linda Kish

    I like steaks grilled.

  897. Vanessa

    maybe one of these would help me grill more

  898. Nicole Strunk

    I love to grill seafood and veggies

  899. Richard Dumas

    i need this grill!

  900. Mike Hooker


  901. george

    it all looks wonderful

  902. Sharon R

    I love to grill steak.

  903. john merrick

    i have old grill my neighbor said it was 3 days older than water, still cooks a great ribeye, baked potato & freezer corn.

  904. erin dear (@mummadear)

    I love to grill steaks and chicken!

  905. Virginia Rowell

    My favorite food to grill is a big fat juicy marinated steak!

  906. Helen Keeler

    I love BBQ chicken and grilled veggies.

  907. kim w.


  908. Susan Jordan

    Chicken Halves- slowly- and then browned (charred) right at the end!

  909. Shauni R

    I love steak and shrimp.

  910. Lesa Moats


  911. Sheila B

    My easy ribs, no par boiling required. Throw them on the grill for an hour and enjoy the party while they cook!

  912. Erin M

    My favorite food to grill is chicken!

  913. Maureen Gallagher

    Hoping to win!

  914. Ray seifert


  915. Melissa Mazzur

    I love grilled chicken

  916. Richard Ordonez

    Great products. Summer BBQ here i come.

  917. Esther

    Summer fun is a`sizzlin’!!!

  918. Esther

    Most favorite of all is grilled eggplant with the skin!!

  919. Kimarie Stebbins

    Lately I’ve been grilling pizza. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

  920. Lisa

    Love to grill veggie burgers and pizza

  921. Tanya Wilson

    We love to marinate chicken the morning before we BBQ, then we lay it on the grill.

  922. Melanie Plum

    We have an outdoor kitchen—but no grill!–so this would be heaven!

  923. Nancy K.

    Fruit and vegetables! I love to grill (and eat!) fruit and vegetables. Great contest. Thanks!

  924. Barbara Skellham

    This is great!

  925. Brendan

    Great giveaway- I love grilling!

  926. Dorrie DeMoss

    I would love to win a new grill. I am in the process of moving and my wheel broke off of my grill (now I have to use a brick).

  927. Tammi Beacher


  928. David

    Wow these would be great for my kabobs!

  929. Margaret Cagliuso

    Great Give Away! Hope I’m lucky!

  930. Angela L Heaverlo

    Love to grill, love to win!!!

  931. Mary K.


  932. Al Ball

    Great Grills !!

  933. Janae

    This would be a great Father’s Day gift!

  934. Kimmy P has great goodies, that are perfect for the outdoors. Thank you.

  935. ggmassey

    Our grill is about burnt through on the bottom! Number 1 would be our choice because that is what we have and it has been around for about 15 years and served us well Ours will not make it through the summer.

  936. Sarah


  937. nancy behm

    love to grill!!

  938. Lori M

    Love grilling chicken, shrimp & veggies!

  939. Doris Reed

    My favorite to grill is Chicken

  940. Tamar

    I like grilling hot dogs.

  941. Renata

    Love grilling steak.

  942. Joseph Skidmore

    i’ve grilled almost everything that can be cooked in the oven

  943. Cathy Conrad

    I’m dreaming of a great new grill for summer family get togethers

  944. Jean Farrell

    We live in Florida and grill year round. A new grill would be a welcome addition to the tiki bar! Especially # 9!

  945. Lisa @ Cooking with Curls

    My favorite is BBQ Ribs!!

  946. Steve Stone

    I love to grill chicken and hamburgers.

  947. AndreaH

    My favorite food to grill is usually hot dogs or sausage and some mixed veggies like squash and broccoli.

  948. Diane Teunessen

    Favorite thing to grill in the summer is hot dogs!!!

  949. kathy

    Great give-a-way!

  950. paula l

    I hope I win!!

  951. Joanna Dawn Smith

    We live to grill, I mean love to grill!! It is our favorite family pastime and we grill even in the winter! Our favorite thing to grill is my father’s legendary BBQ Chicken recipe. He passed away, but his awesome BBQ chicken lives on. We also love to grill classic hamburgers and hots on the grill. Sometimes simple is better! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  952. Lolly

    Old-fashioned BBQ’d hot dogs are great in the summer!

  953. D Armstrong

    Grilling season here we come…

    I love grilled onions and corn the most.

  954. Cherise

    We eat a lot of bison, elk, and venison around here! – good ol steak is our favorite!

  955. Whitney

    My favorite food to grill is Pizza! Don’t believe me? Try putting a pizza on a cookie sheet and tossing it on a hot grill–your day will be made!

  956. Rebecca Parsons

    My favorite food to grill is New York Strip Steaks!

  957. Judi

    I love a big medium grilled steak with melted butter on top. Lovely!
    My husband’s grill is from 1979. really it’s that old! He constantly buys parts to keep it going 1 more summer.

  958. Wendy Clyne

    The smoker is my Favorite 🙂

  959. C

    My favorite food to grill is honey glazed salmon.

  960. Tricia

    Steaks are our favorite food to grill.

  961. Sharon


  962. Katharine Davis

    I love to grill steak

  963. Angela Ferguson

    Brisket my favorite on a BBQ pit, but I love to cook all meals in the summer from meat to veggies

  964. Karen

    Corn on the cob is awesome I!

  965. Tom Bellamy

    I like to grill steaks the most.

  966. Howard

    What else? A thick porterhouse steak!

  967. Tiffany Banks

    Burgers & bratwurst

  968. val swanson

    BBQ burgers are the best, then steak, fish, vegetables and now and then a hot diggity dog!

  969. Carol

    I like to grill steak.

  970. Bill

    Great contest I’d like to win any of the grills. Great shopping site!

  971. Ann

    Veggies and pineapple!

  972. Tim Hughes

    I love to grill anything but if you make me pick just one I will go with brisket.

  973. Melissa Teears

    Chicken is our favorite to grill

  974. Eric Kwok

    Mussels and Steak

  975. Jenny


  976. Rosie Britton

    I love BBQ Pork Steak

  977. Susan B

    My favorite foods to grill are steaks and lamb chops.

  978. Shelley

    I like grilling chicken and LOVE smoked salmon so these grills would be awesome!

  979. carole gayles

    I have never won anything in my life , so yes I do hope that I am the winner of this grill. Thank you so very much and I hope the best to all of you who are entering this contest too.

  980. Paul

    Sure hope I win a grill.

  981. Paul

    My favorites to grill are baby back ribs and NY strip steaks.


    We love grilling hamburgers and hot dogs

  983. Jan Smith

    I love to cook pizzas and veggies on Weber grills! TASTY!

  984. Beth

    It’s time for fresh veggie’s straight from our garden to the grill!

  985. Cheryl

    We love grilled chicken and ribs at our house!

  986. Brittany Swain

    I love your website and I love to be outdoors cooking and with my family! A grill would be a great addition!

  987. Brittany Swain

    Love your site and love to grill healthy foods for my family. I need a new grill badly!

  988. ANGELA S

    Chicken breast & veggies

  989. Tracy Ackerman

    this would be a addition to our new backyard

  990. Jennifer Sellers

    Juicy Lucys! They are cheese stuffed burgers.

  991. Allison Whittemore

    I would love to win a free grill!! I just love to grill my dad’s famous marinated steak tips & boneless chicken breasts! Corn on the cob is awesome on the grill!!!

  992. Jessica E

    number 10! my family loves some smoke!

  993. Laura H.

    Garlic shrimp

  994. Shirley Smith

    We love to grill Ribs, Boneless Chicken, Brisket, Lamb, Steaks. And lots of veggies.

  995. Aviva

    hot dogs!

  996. Martha Schisler

    Wow, would love to win a prize, would be fantastic!!

  997. Debra Miller



    My favorite thing to grill are fresh vegies….green, red & yellow peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.

  999. karla romero

    I love carne asada. We are moving to a new home and need a gril. thank you

  1000. pam love

    My favorite grilled food is lobster.

  1001. Ash Jester

    Corn on the cob!

  1002. courtney

    i love when my fiance cooks chicken.. its amazing!!!!

  1003. Bobby Joe Berry

    These are mt kind of grills-thanks.

  1004. LaKeisha Jackson

    I love grilling hotdogs

  1005. Mary Dailey

    My newest favorite thing to grill is chicken cubes wrapped in bacon that have both been dipped in chile powder and brown sugar. Unbelievably delicious! You can’t stop eating them!

  1006. ewhatley

    We grill just about every day of the year and one of our faves is shrimp fresh out of the Gulf.

  1007. Diane H

    Love to grill anything and everything!

  1008. Wynter


  1009. Geoff Baur


  1010. Sarah

    Landmann Smoky Mountain 2-Drawer Smoker!!!! We have always added liquid smoke to our meats and dehydrated them. This surely would be a better cure for the smoky flavor. It would also preserve the juices better for a moist option.

  1011. Dana

    Salmon is my favorite item to grill

  1012. Damaris

    I don’t own one, but it would be AWESOME to win one. ANY! God Bless.

  1013. Julie

    Oh how wonderful this would be!!!

  1014. brian

    Best site I have every used! Great grills at the best of prices!

  1015. I love summer grilling

    I love to grill in the summer

  1016. Jesse Stratton

    I love grilling & would enjoy winning one of these grills.

  1017. Sharold Friedrich

    We love steaks on th egrill

  1018. Susan Chester

    I love to grill juicy steaks!

  1019. Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul

    This would look great in my DIY back yard

  1020. Cindy K Bennett

    I’m hoping for a smoker!


    Steak on the grill

  1022. Erin Collins

    Burgers and hot dogs!

  1023. Mike

    Just in time for summer!

  1024. Chrissy Kim

    I love to grill Korean BBQ – galbi, bulgogi!

  1025. Danita

    I love to grill brats with onions and green peppers

  1026. cheryl bonner

    I love the outdoors and cooking with my family this would be great

  1027. Kirsten

    Love grilling burgers

  1028. Meat Lover!!!!

    Day or night, rain or sun – we would love to use one of these grills to cook our meat and veggies

  1029. Jan Buckmeier

    Great BBQ’s

  1030. Sahra

    ooooh my bf and I just bought a house (with a deck) so we’d LOVE to win! I love grilling veggies and kabobs, while he’s all about the steak!

    **fingers crossed**
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  1031. April Farley

    I love to cook shrimp on the BBQ easy quick and yummy!

  1032. Caroline Keel

    Awesome! My husband is desperately wanting a grill, this would be amazing!!

  1033. Waite Table

    One of Everything !!!!!!

  1034. Deana Was

    I would love to win this for my husband!

  1035. Myra Ramsey


  1036. Bonnie Stafford

    Love ti win number 1 for my husband. His dream.

  1037. Paul Anthony

    want to win it

  1038. lisa

    These are all awesome!

  1039. Leigh Nichols


  1040. Becky Grayson

    Marinated fajitas and summer veggies!

  1041. Patti DelValle

    I love grilling fruit!

  1042. Vivian

    A new grill just in time for summer!

  1043. Valerie Youman

    Grilled mushrooms are the best! We are moving into our very first home in a few weeks, and this grill would be AMAZING for summertime BBQ’s in our new pad!!

  1044. Tracy

    I want to win #3 because I do a lot of tailgating!

  1045. Kimberly Williams

    Pineapple, asparagus, onion, cake, ribs, I can go on ab=nd on!!

  1046. Jasmine Brady

    My mom would love a grill, I would love to win her one! 🙂

  1047. Michael

    I enjoy grilling year round.

  1048. Kelley K

    I love to grill chicken breast!!

  1049. Mathew Breinlinger

    I would love to surprise my wife with this grill as she loves to cook, Rachel-Ray style!

  1050. kris mihalov


  1051. Kasey

    I love to grill steak !

  1052. connie beach

    organic veggies

  1053. penny fuller

    Grilling is great

  1054. Richard B.

    I would love to win any of these!

  1055. Sue

    I want to be a winner!,

  1056. Betsy

    Grilling on our back porch during the spring and summer produces some wonderful healthy meals!

  1057. Cindy Ooten

    I can’t think of a single food that doesn’t taste better cooked on a outdoor grill.

  1058. Cherilyn Richter


  1059. Laurie Griffith

    My favorite to cook on the grill is steak!

  1060. Elisa

    pizza oven sounds interesting

  1061. william bugay

    would love to win pizza oven

  1062. Holly E

    I would love to try the Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill – Propane.

  1063. Kim Mazurek

    It’s grilling time!

  1064. William Robertson

    It ‘s grillin’ season. I’d love to win. Grilling vegetables and fish or steaks, doesn’t get much better.

  1065. Mary J.

    Would love to win a new BBQ, they all look grand. We have a very sorry looking one on our patio so winning one would sure help improve our summer grilling.

  1066. Michelle T

    My favorite food to grill is…. HAMBURGERS! It’s a grill classic for a reason! Easy and delicious!

  1067. Elisa

    smoking ribs – – love it!!

  1068. Jordan Lapira

    I love to grill steaks, and pizza!

  1069. Gretchen Roberts

    Love to grill.

  1070. Rachel

    We love grilling anything and everything!!

  1071. Donald McGowan

    I just love to BBQ. My Ribs are the best. A new grill would be great.
    Charcoal rules.

  1072. Donald McGowan

    Just had a built in bbq built on patio, An extra gill for sides would be great.

  1073. Kathy Strozak

    This is a fantastic company! I would love to win one of these grills to go onto my new deck with pool!!

  1074. debra


  1075. DONNA R

    My FAV food to grill would be salmon, if i had a grill 🙂

  1076. Raissa Green

    Turkey burgers and zucchini. And fresh-caught trout.

  1077. julie reuter

    my favorite thing to grill is ribs

  1078. Jason

    I LOVE BBQ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  1079. Rita A.

    Love to grill hamburgers and veggies!

  1080. Karin Soderberg

    Favorite food to grill is shrimp kabobs!

  1081. Ernie

    I like to grill everything

  1082. Luella David

    burgers, steaks and veggies

  1083. theresa harris

    I really need a good grill, I would grill everything I can, I make up my own marinades. not the same not grilled.

  1084. Jennifer P

    Nice Prizes!!

  1085. amy deeter

    my favorite thing to grill is steaks

  1086. Linda Sue Boyd


  1087. Cyndi Parrish

    We are a burger household. Don’t forget the cheese!

  1088. Tara Smith

    I love making shishkabobs

  1089. Teresa Thompson

    What a way to start summer with a chance to win a grill. Would love to win the Webber grill.

  1090. I love to grill steak!

    I would love a grill for steaks!

  1091. Noel

    I want the kamado.

  1092. Courtney G.

    I have never owned a grill before!!

  1093. Karen M

    Cedar planked salmon!

  1094. Joyce D

    Great selection of items, would love to win any of them!

  1095. Bob

    Shrimp and Scallops…..Yum Yum

  1096. Kimmie K

    These are absolutely AWESOME! It has been a long time since I’ve had a great working grill. I would love to win one of these!

  1097. Elisa

    grill all summer and winter long

  1098. Sherry Jennings

    My favorite is grilling corn on the cob

  1099. Lynda Hensley

    The Alfa Forno Ciao Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is AWESOME! What great family gatherings we could have around that! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  1100. Jose

    I love to grill bison!

  1101. Diane Mangano

    Beer Can Chicken on the grill-It’s summer

  1102. Doug Beecroft

    I’d rather win a brand new car but a BBQ sounds alright too.

  1103. Jessica Barstow

    Favorite food to grill is Brats!

  1104. Elisa

    Love to grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1105. melanie

    So many to choose from, that’s terrific.

  1106. Kim Millholen


  1107. Paula Daniel

    Awesome set of grills! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  1108. Stephanie

    I LOVE grilling out steak, chicken, peppers…..oh, just about anything grilled is delicious!

  1109. Susan Brown

    Our grill is too small. Would love to upgrade.

  1110. Lisa Woods

    Grilled hot dogs taste so much better than boiled ones.

  1111. Michael W Perkins

    Smoking A Pork Shoulder

  1112. Robert Edwards

    bring on the steaks!

  1113. Danielle Fitzgerald


  1114. Dianne Smith Ortega

    I would like to win this grill for my friend, she works hard all week she is a music therapist for hospice people. she would enjoy chillin cooking on the grill on the weekends.

  1115. Kevin Jeffries

    I wanna win!

  1116. Minta Boggs

    I like everything grilled but I love steak!

  1117. Minta Boggs

    I would love to win a smoker, or grill, for my husband!

  1118. Shannon

    Our grill is all rusted out! I would like to win!

  1119. Bonnie

    Love Lamb kaba’s!!!! Live in an apartment, so right now i do not own one,but would love to win, and make it FIT!!

  1120. Sean H

    My all time favorite grilled food is ribs and steaks

  1121. Ernie

    I can really use any one of these grills or smokers.

  1122. ryan preston

    i love to grill anything chicken…. stuffed chicken, beercan chicken, rotisseree chicken, kabobs, smoked, grilled, and plain ol bbq sauce….

  1123. Steven Tiner

    shrimp on the barbie

  1124. Penny B.

    I love to grill Fruit!

  1125. Robin (Chase's Mom)

    My son would love to give his Dad one 🙂

  1126. Shirley Smith

    Ribs is my favorite thing to grill

  1127. Heidi Back

    BBQ Ribs and Chicken

  1128. Anna Marr

    Pineapple is my favorite thing to grill!

  1129. Joy

    Winning a grill …would be my first grill!

  1130. Ron

    Love to grill surf and turf and chill with cold one.

  1131. Shirl

    would love to win one of these would make a great gift for father’s day

  1132. Deborah

    love them all

  1133. Stacey Salzberg

    A new grill to show off this summer would be fabulous!

  1134. Sharon Goulet

    Hamburgers are still my favorite on the grill so many options for toppings.

  1135. San Juanita

    Great prizes!!!

  1136. kathy flannery

    everything I have ordered from here has been excellent

  1137. Meg

    I love to grill pineapple chicken!!!

  1138. Gina korbel

    Thanks for the chance to expanded beyond a grill pan.

  1139. Arlene MacElman

    I would be so happy to be a winner.

  1140. Todd J

    You have no idea how bad I need a grill. Fingers crossed!

  1141. Lela

    What a wonderful giveaway and what a great website. I would be thrilled to win one of these grills.

  1142. Jackie Preas

    We love to grill steaks,chicken,fish,burgers and veggies on the grill…taste so much better than when done in the kitchen :)…love to grill!

  1143. Elysia

    Love to grill T-bones, ribs, corn and salmon!!

  1144. christin heaney

    really want the pizza grill!

  1145. Jim Womer

    I feel lucky today!

  1146. Amanda

    This recently single, mom of two needs this! My kids and I love to grill! Their dad may have taken ours, but wouldn’t it be awesome if ours ended up being FREE! We need the healthy food grilling can bring to us! Please, Hayneedle! Thanks!

  1147. Inga Smith

    Any of these would work for me!!

  1148. Carol

    Favorite foods to grill, chicken and veggies!

  1149. Carol

    Everything taste great grilled!

  1150. Ron


  1151. Kelli

    My favorite food to grill is shrimp!

  1152. Mark

    Love grilling steaks, burgers, and chicken.

  1153. Cindy

    Shrimp is my favorite thing to grill!

  1154. Richard Page

    Smokers are our passion

  1155. Amy Cutting

    Chimmichurri Steak!

  1156. jody stephens

    love to cookout

  1157. Niurka

    I love to grill burgers and ribs

  1158. Adam


  1159. Barbara

    Our new deck needs a new grill!!

  1160. Amy

    My husband would love this!

  1161. Trevor

    I like grilling pizza, so the pizza oven would be awesome.

  1162. Cindy Wilson

    We love to grill flank steak, maybe I should say, I love when my husband grills the steak and I get to eat it 🙂

  1163. Alissa

    Nothing better than grilling on a beautiful summer day 🙂

  1164. Donald McGowan

    Anew grill would be just great for the upcoming summer.

  1165. erin

    Pizza would be awesome to make on a grill!

  1166. 5lita5

    My favorite meat to grill is ribs; favorite veggie to grill is asparagus; favorite fruit to grill is peaches. Question – so the people who commented and didn’t answer the question, do those comments NOT earn an entry? I’d really be interested to know the answer to this….. and your response ( marketing department perhaps?) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  1167. Jessica Eluskie

    Pork tenderloin

  1168. Gigi K

    I could use one like number 2. Cool!

  1169. Brenda

    Our grill is on its last leg, so winning one would be awesome!

  1170. Mary Thurman

    Chicken Pineapple Kabobs!

  1171. Brenda

    Meant to say that my favorite is the Swiss Grill. The built in bottle opener sold me!

  1172. Victor

    We grill almost daily from spring until late fall.

  1173. Lindsey Hurst

    I LOVE to grill a good streak!

  1174. Amy Manley

    I need a grill!!!!

  1175. Dave Steiner


  1176. Aaron

    Would love to win!

  1177. Isabelle

    I don’t know anything about grills, but I just moved to a new house with my soon to be 6-year-old and we are building a paver patio together. Great spot for a grill! And man is that Alfa Forno Ciao Wood-Fired Pizza Oven beautiful. Ok, who are we kidding, they’re ALL beautiful!

  1178. patrick curtis

    lamb is my new favorite on the grill

  1179. Pamela

    Would love to win any of them. Love to cook Pork Butt and Beef Brisket.

  1180. Cecil Stonewall


  1181. Chris

    I cook veggies, but my husband goes for the steak. Med-rare of course and then maybe some corn if he has some room.

  1182. Nancy

    The Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Fired Pizza Oven….wow, how cool! I can see myself having a fresh tomato basil pizza on the patio from this right now….Mmmmm.

  1183. Amanda

    Winning this would be totally awesome!!

  1184. Connie

    The pizza grill looks amazing!!

  1185. Sue Garrison

    Steak and Chicken and veggies! Like a good rack of ribs too!

  1186. Stephanie

    Fingers crossed..!

  1187. Magen Loucks

    I want…..I neeeed one of these! I love them all!

  1188. Daniel Armstrong

    This Grill Giveaway is one of the best ideas for summer grillers!!! Would love to win!!!

  1189. lauren

    Thanks for letting me enter!

  1190. Merritt Huber

    Burgers definitely !

  1191. Penny

    Hubby’s been waiting until home reno’s completed before purchasing #9. This would be a fantastic birthday surprise!!

  1192. Melissa Franey

    I love Hayneedle and hope I win a grill!!!

  1193. Trisha B.

    Beef & Veggie Kabobs

  1194. Misha Hunter

    I have many favorites! Steak, ribs, pork tenderion, chicken, shirmp, corn on the cob…

  1195. Kevin Sayre

    Free grills taste better!!

  1196. Jeanne

    Our old grill died after a very long time, and we need a new grill. I would LOVE to win one of these beauties!

  1197. James

    Holy cwap ….let the grillin’ begin!

  1198. Denise

    What an amazing, I love Hayneedle

  1199. Denise

    What an amazing giveaway!

  1200. Denise

    What an amazing giveaway

  1201. Rachel

    my favorite food to grill is salmon! 🙂

  1202. Rob Tucker

    Grilling is good

  1203. Roberta Horne

    My favorite thing to grill is salmon. I would love to win one of these grills, and I would put it to good use.

  1204. Barbie Barnard

    I love to wrap onions in foil with butter and cook them till they are melt in your mouth done. (about 30 minutes.)

  1205. Chris burleigh


  1206. Sandra

    I love to grill steaks and corn in the summertime.

  1207. Dana

    I need a new grill! Ours is a sad rusty mess!

  1208. Terri

    Marinated butterflied porkchops

  1209. Ngozi

    I love grilling Veggies and my husband loves to grill meat! I hope I win one

  1210. StacieM

    That wood burning pizza oven is awesome!! How cool would it be to make fresh pizzas from our home?!

  1211. Laurie

    The classics are my favorites. Hot dogs & hamburgers & can’t forget marshmallows!!

  1212. elisa

    grilled steaks

  1213. Erin

    I would love to win ANY of these!

  1214. Sam Zaydel

    I would love a shot at this grill, but seeing the number of comments already, I guess it is a long shot. Great site though, great service. Thank you!

  1215. Jay

    Love BBQing my hand crafted burgers!

  1216. julia d

    Great prizes

  1217. Ilona

    My favorite food to grill us chicken kabobs. I would love one if these grills.

  1218. Valerie

    BBQ Chicken and corn on the cob.

  1219. Colleen

    Seafood! Mmmmm…

  1220. Renea Yarolim

    We grill all year round so one of these grills would be amazing.

  1221. michael

    #9 will look AWESOME on my deck and be PERFECT for my backyard cookouts!!!

  1222. Nancy Rodriguez

    I would love to win #6 for grilling steaks and Anaheim chilies!

  1223. HS

    I like to grill corn on the cob.

  1224. dede roche

    I’m going to try Mary’s chicken cubes. That sounds good. Better on a new grill though.

  1225. Theresa

    Buffalo Burgers

  1226. elisa

    let the grillin’ begin!!!!!!!!!!!

  1227. Linda LaPorta

    We’re over the hill,
    But still love to grill!

  1228. Pamela

    Hubby would love one of those grills!

  1229. Deena Daniel

    I love to grill chicken, burgers, and steaks!


    love the gifts and the chance to cook up some BBQ.

  1231. Tony

    These grills are sweeeeet!

  1232. Rebecca

    Favorite food to grill is definitely ribs- fresh off the grill, smother in bbq and you’re good to go!

  1233. Brad


  1234. Paul G. Klacko

    I recently purchased a Weber E-330 gas grill from Hayneedle. Great deal and fantastic service. I’ve already received the grill and it’s up and running on my deck. I hope I can win one of the great smokers listed here to go with my new Weber!

  1235. Adam

    This would be awesome!

  1236. Jo

    The heat is on!

  1237. Carolyn Ivory

    a whole turkey after soaking in teriyaki and pineapple marinade

  1238. Tamara Sorensen-Yager

    I would so love to win this for my husband for Father’s Day,our old grill is done for,thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome grill.

  1239. Cheryl Burns

    BBQ ribs potato salad and baked beans

  1240. Andie Noon

    Nothing better than a good try tip grilled to perfection!

  1241. Danielle

    Love grilling steaks and corn

  1242. Teresa Smith

    Just what I need for a great bar-b-que!

  1243. Chandra

    My favorite grill is the one you can grill a pizza.

  1244. Stacey Premoshis

    Red potatoes yummy.

  1245. Renee

    I love to grill and it’s time to add some new flavor, with a new updated grill– pick me, pick me!!!!

  1246. Mary B.

    I love to make marinated steaks on the grill