Play Kitchens For Future Foodies

Play Kitchens Of Christmas Past

I had a miniature kitchen when I was little. It was the 70s and, back then, they were made out of cardboard. My father spent an entire Christmas Eve putting that thing together. There was some Bourbon involved, and he finished only slightly injured and moderately exhausted from the whole experience. Regardless of any irritation or injury, everyone was super stoked when they saw how much I loved it.

Play Kitchens of Christmas Present

I adored playing kitchen. I’d pretend to cook and chat with my imaginary guests; it made me feel like a grown-up which was the most fun of all. The stove was at eye-level, and the countertop was within reach. It was magical. I spent hours in my “kitchen.” This play kitchen by Guidecraft makes me crazy with nostalgic jealousy. Just look at all of those functional knobs and doors!

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Every appliance is included as well as a sink and a phone. There are pots and pans galore AND it’s totally NOT made of cardboard. Yahoo! It’s made of high-quality wood and painted in pretty, bright hues. There’s even a little color-coordinated curtain. Sigh. If you’re as sentimental as I am, you’ll love this gift as much as your kids do.

More Fun For Everyone

Let me quickly present my terrible-mother reason for buying this. Honestly, I love to cook, but I don’t want “help” from a little person in the kitchen (well, maybe sometimes … but definitely not every day). To be perfectly honest, I would love to say to my precious, helpful darling, “Get your own darn kitchen!!” I NEVER would of course, but I might be inclined to ask her to help me work on dinner from the safety of her magical Guidecraft kitchen. The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation.

Kidkraft Big Bright Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Cook up a great gift for your little one this holiday season - a play kitchen!

– Rebecca Hansen, guest blogger and lifestyle writer

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