Par-tea Time! has all of the essentials for pulling together a pretty little tea party. I decided to host a relaxing girls’ day in, but all of these elements would easily translate to any occasion. Bridal showers, birthday parties, or other special celebrations are fitting for a tea party.

Perfectly Pretty Setup 1

Perfectly pretty setup with lace and lavish little details.

Skip the chairs for your informal gathering. I love to have plenty of throw pillows and blankets on hand when entertaining. They’re great, comfortable seating when people gather ’round in your living space. This butterfly pillow was such a sweet touch to the party. And these light throws are great for laying on the floor or covering up with after the tea is gone. The weight of the mint throw is perfect for springtime.

Mixing in a little rustic was a great contrast against the pastels of the teapots and other decor. Building a simple makeshift table, like I did here, is so simple. I picked up a board from the hardware store, stained it to the finish I wanted, and stacked it on top of two overturned tin buckets. This is going to be a great piece for summer entertaining, and it’s easily stored. You can even switch out what the board is displayed on depending on the theme of your event. The rustic tabletop was contrasted with feminine lace placemats that decorated each lady’s place at the table.

Posh Pillows And Throws 2

Forget traditional seating - go for posh pillows and throws.

Once you have an area in your home cozy and ready, on to the details! has so many choices for teapots it was easy to find what I needed in my color scheme, but so hard to choose! I kept one available for tea, and used one to create an alternative centerpiece. Stacking this teapot on top of the rabbit platter added the perfect amount of height to the table. Think outside of the box when creating your table for entertaining guests. Look for items that will hold flowers but aren’t labeled under “vases.” And platters and cake stands always serve dual purposes, they aren’t just for food!

I created a tea “bar” for the girls to pick and choose from. This melamine tray was perfect for holding everything from the gorgeous mint teapot on the indigo stand, to the bowls of tea. Add some layered cheesecloth squares and twine for your guests to create their own tea bags. Fill your teapots with hot water and let them serve themselves – fun for guests, less stress for you.

Tea Buffet 3

Create a tea bar so guests can pick a favorite flavor.

With all of the pastels in my tea party, I wanted to contrast them, not only with the wood, but with a darker, unexpected indigo color. I found matching cake stands (that came in two sizes) for treats, the teapot, and these amazing floral plates for the girls to place their snacks on. With beautiful elements like this, you don’t need many embellishments. So each place setting was set simply with a name card and a fresh bloom.

A party is not complete without snacks. I filled up the large indigo cake stand with chocolate and vanilla macaroons and lemon poppy seed scones (tea party staples). And I used this domed glass platter for sandwiches, made in delicious pairings of salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese alongside brie, apple and ham. These tiny snacks were just the right size for the appetizer plates and made clean up easy … no flatware or multiple dish washing!

Punchy Place Settings 4

Colorful birds, buds, and plates make for punchy place settings.

Treats, Tea, And Cocktails 5

Treats, tea, and cocktails - who could ask for more?

Of course there was plenty of tea to be served up in classic glass tea cups. I loved these cups as they really let the tea add a pop of color! But there are also those of us that think that a proper party isn’t right without some bubbly. So I mixed up a batch of tea-infused champagne cocktails. Simply brew your favorite fruity tea, cool and serve with a sugar cube topped off with champagne. I chose these delicate pink glasses as I knew they would function for pretty much any cocktail I decided on.

Bright Blooms 6

Freshen up with bright blooms.

All of these items are priceless staples that you’ll be able to use over and over. Change up your floral options and snacks and you have the perfect pieces for any occasion!

– Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

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