Choosing Your Color of 2014

The myriad of home and fashion color trends that make their way around this time of year can be both inspiring and daunting; I don’t know many people who have the time or cash to spend revamping their decor to don all the haute hue combos of the season.

Luckily, however, when it comes to adding color to your home, really, anything goes. And when you do find an intriguing “it” color calling your name, there are easy ways to incorporate it into your space without sacrificing your savings account.

Color, Incorporated

A couple of super-easy ways to sneak in a newfound color crush are to 1) Revamp just one room, and/or 2) Strategically switch out, or add to, current d├ęcor.

Keeping these two methods in mind, I recommend taking some time to delve into the world of color for 2014 (see links below), figuring out which ones fit your fancy, and carefully choosing a few realistic ways to style them in your space.

No one knows interior color like the paint peeps out there. I’m talking about the usual suspects: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr, to name a few. Throw in Pantone and you’ll get a good feel for what’s new and now.

My New Hue: Blush

After looking at the array of lovely colors to consider this season, I’ve determined that my color to incorporate in 2014 falls into one of the nouveau neutral palettes. I’m in love with the light, airy nature of blush tones right now – which can range anywhere from a pale creamy pink to a pinky-peach, almost beige hue. Most blends of blush also pair perfectly with my other favorites of the moment, shades of gray and sand.

I’ve sprinkled examples of products featuring my color choice throughout this post, but I’m also incredibly curious as to what color you’ll choose as your muse for 2014.

Leave a note and/or link to a product in the comments below to tell me about your favored color and how you plan on using it. I can’t wait to see your choices and hear what you have to say!


Kelly, editor & color lover

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