Action! Make a Magical Movie Night

Guest blogger, designer and event planner Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete shows us how to create a movie night at home that’ll earn rave reviews from family and friends. Easy, fun, and a cinch to direct …

Wallies Big Chalkboard Decal

Create the marquee!

Movie nights are the perfect solution for spring nights that are still a little cool. You can invite your guests over for some snacks and refreshments while the sun is still out to enjoy the weather, then move the party in to enjoy your favorite movies after the sun has gone down.

Set out a sign to give the guests a little info on the movie and what time to expect it. I used this chalkboard contact paper and attached it to a frame I already had in my entryway combined with a valance used as garland. Since it’s almost summer, I wanted to keep that vibe going on throughout the house. Inspired by bohemian decor, I decorated with vintage, fringe, and added a bit of glamor with crystals. You can always get a chalkboard, but I think you can find so many more interesting frames at thrift shops or vintage shops. Then just transform those into your “marquee”!

At the entrance of your party, set up the movie goods you will need for the night. As guests arrive they can select blankets and treats to enjoy throughout the movie. These baskets were perfect for stashing pillows and blankets. Label them with tags so guests know they can grab what they want.

Cotton Damask Throw

Grab a throw for the show.

This kitchen cart held the necessities for our movie night. I stocked it with plenty of sodas, yummy flavors of popcorn, lots of candy and supplies to hold it all. To play off of the glam touch with the crystals, I added a matte sequined runner. It dressed up the kitchen cart just enough for the night. The best part was that we could roll this into the movie area and guests could access all of the goodies throughout the movie!

Global Amici Tiered Glass Canister

Stacks of snacks ...

This three-tiered container held three flavors of popcorn, perfect for anyone’s taste. I accessorized with succulents and plenty of candles to keep a little light during the movie, but not too much to ruin the view. This trio of jars held different kinds of candy for those with a sweet tooth. We served Sweet Tarts, chocolates and marshmallows for those who liked their sweets light.

Kitchen Utility Cart

Treats top to bottom.

Bottles of water are a must with all these sweets. I used this pair of giant glass bottles to serve ice cold water as guests needed.

After I cut down the chalkboard paper to fit my frame, I had a bit left over to use for labels. I cut small triangles and labeled the popcorn to tie it all together.

Kristley Metal Baskets

No shoes, all service ...

The third basket from this trio was used to hold shoes of guests. The whole point of an at-home movie night is to be comfortable, so encourage your friends to kick off their shoes and stay a while.

After the mingling is over, transfer everything into the area where you’ll show the movie. With the kitchen cart, it’s so easy to roll all of your snacks wherever you like. I lit some candles on the snack cart and around the seating area so guests could move around. We also incorporated our most comfy blankets like this one onto the couches for movie watchers to cuddle and enjoy.

With all those snacks, guests needed somewhere to hold their sweets. So I used these melamine trays to hold popcorn, drinks and candy. You could load as much or as little as you wanted onto the sturdy trays.

Reston Lloyd Tidbit Tray

Tray chic ...

If you’re hosting your own movie night, remember these two key things: 1. Keep it comfy, and 2. serve a variety of snacks that everyone will like. Now plan your own and enjoy!

Collage of Comforts

A vignette for enjoying videos.

– Lauren Saylor,

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