Is Yoga For You?

When most people think of yoga, they imagine slender people stretching and contorting their body into complex poses. The truth is that yoga is for everyone, and the physical practice is only the very surface of what yoga is.

The literal meaning of the word yoga is “to unite,” and this is precisely what it does – true yoga unites the mind, the breath, and the body. This can be done by anyone, no matter their age, shape, or physical ability. Simply being mindful of one’s breath, and acting with intention instead of automation, is yoga.

If the new year has inspired you to make changes in your life, give yoga a go. If you’re new to yoga, your practice will definitely benefit from props and supports such as blocks, bolsters, and straps. offers a wide variety of these supports. The Manduka Cork Yoga Block will give you a steady base for poses that require extra support and a Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Bolster will offer solid support for your back in reclining poses. Reach deeper into poses that require a bit more flexibility with Hugger Mugger’s Natural Strap.

Yoga practice is great for shaking off the winter layers in a gentle yet challenging environment. Explore studios in your area, or experiment at home with DVD’s and streaming online classes.

Side Angle Pose

Beat the blues & feel the bliss.

Chelsea, editor

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