From Our House to … Our House

Working for, we can’t help but notice – ok, shop – the fabulous furniture and decor all over our site. And that, in turn, results in some truly inspired spaces in the homes of our employees. We thought it’d be fun to share stories of employees’ favorite Hayneedle finds. You might discover new ideas and perfect items for your place, too.

Jackie joined the Hayneedle team 8 1/2 years ago. This translates to approximately 23 years, considering the fast pace of Internet retail time. She recently updated some spaces in her home, and she talked to us about the process.

Hayneedle: How would you describe the style of your home’s interior overall?

Jackie: The house was built in 1961, so we wanted to respect the era by keeping the lines clean and maintain the low profile. There was already an Eastern influence in the house with the built-in wood room screens. We jokingly call it  “Mid Century Asian.”

H: What inspired your beautiful bedroom?

J: I really love Moroccan-inspired lighting, so I wanted to keep that Eastern influence in mind. We love the sustainability of the bamboo bed and dresser. We painted the walls a warm gray and went with neutral coverlets so we could splash color in the accents.

H: Describe the process of how you found the pieces and ultimately purchased them.

J: I’m all about the discovery, one of those shoppers who will know it when I see it.  We have five Siberian huskies – that’s Mackey, our newest rescue dog, on the bed – so having products that were durable and easy to clean was important.  We didn’t want to spend a fortune knowing that the dogs would take a toll on the furniture.  We used that to validate almost everything we bought.

For the light fixture in the dining room, we wanted something dramatic and unusual, but we had no idea what that meant – we’d know it when we saw it.  We found that there were a couple of brands that we liked more than others, so we searched by those brands.  I had to convince my husband that this one would look OK … finally I just bought it without his endorsement. He loves it now and it’s always a topic of conversation when we have guests over.

We searched modern furniture on the site, knowing that we wanted the furniture to have a low profile and simple lines.

H: Thanks, Jackie. Now go get Mackey and bring him to the office to play.

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