Screen Time: Decorating A Home Theater

With the playoffs coming to an end, now’s the best time of the year to get a deal on a new TV. I won’t go into what kind or brand of TV you should buy, but I do have some ideas for striking a balance between high-definition gadgetry and a well-decorated room. This balance is especially valuable in a relationship (my girlfriend doesn’t care much about surround sound, but she does notice seven speakers and one large subwoofer demarcating our living room).

First things first, plan to hang your television on the wall. Cheetah Mounts are your friend, and they’re far less expensive hanging solutions than what TV manufacturers sell.

Now that the TV is mounted on the wall, stands like the B-Modern Publisher TV Stand look much cleaner. And you have all that extra space for coffee table books, accents, or home theater components. The white finish, black glass top, and woven pattern of the aforementioned stand are nice departures from what you’d expect from a media center.

B-Modern Publisher TV Stand

B-Modern Publisher TV Stand

Home theater seating is usually a compromise for high-design aspirations, granted, but I will make the case for this 4-Seater Theater Lounger. A good view of the TV is our foremost design consideration, and home theater seating fits the bill. You’ll come to appreciate reclining features if you’re powering through previous seasons of Justified, Shameless, Girls, or Enlightened before their winter premieres. It’s also nice to have dedicated armrest storage for remotes (I’m up to 6 and refuse to pay triple digits for a good universal remote).

Cozy Leather 4-Seat Theater Lounger With Ottoman

Cozy Leather 4-Seat Theater Lounger With Ottoman

The TV stand and home theater seating are the primary concerns. The decor comes next. I’m all about the practical Nuevo Amici Indoor Bench. It’s masculine with enough glam for her and it doubles as a sleek coffee table.

In an ideal setup, you’ll move the home theater seating away from the wall and fill the gap with surround sound speakers. There’s space left over. Consider the Penbrook Arc Floor Lamp to drop light where you really need it. If you value ambient light with your movies like I do, Trend Lighting’s Luminous Table Lamp offers an opal glass light-up base. The colors of the Kaleen Moods Foundation Rug remind me of a Saul Bass title sequence and it made the final cut on looks alone.

What are your home theater must-haves and design tips? For the pop culture obsessed like me, what are you watching? Let us know in the comments below!

Sean, editor

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