Office Space: Work It!

Some of the best ideas simply re-frame existing ones, as evidenced by the coveted genius all over Pinterest. (Remind me I’ve got to start on that living room furniture made out of popsicle sticks and mason jars.)

How true this is when it comes to home. Who’s to say a bookshelf can’t hold lingerie, or that a closet can’t become a kitty restroom, complete with pet door?

With this in mind, we have a few alternative-use ideas for your home office. Not all spaces are alike, so whether yours is small or spacious, you might find some new paths to productivity in the list below …

Small Space Solutions

We love console tables – also called sofa tables – for everything office. With smaller spaces and electronic devices, less paper (right?), and your uber-organized work ethic, you may not need the Trump-esque executive desk. Console tables allow you to create a workspace anywhere, including behind the sofa, in the kitchen, or under the stairs. They’re a great value, too. Case in point, our own in-house line, Belham Living. A console table a.k.a. your new desk for $159? Yes.


Spread Out

If you have a roomy home office, spread out! Consider wielding the surface space of a dining table. Wide enough to hold your desk items, notes on your great American novel, and a bottle of wine for a day well worked, a dining table might be your answer to a multi-functional surface space.

 A Few More Multi-talents

To wrap up our out-of-the-box office ideas, consider the following:

However you style your office space, open up to creative ways of furnishing it, and you’ll love being in it even more.

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