Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Ruled by both Pluto, god of the Underwold, and Mars, god of War, Scorpios are known for their assertive energy and ability to transform and adapt to life.

These passionate people love to learn, dive into any endeavor, and are determined to succeed. They are ideal candidates for surgeons, pilots, and CEO’s as they like to be in control. A bookcase will house the knowledge they fervently seek. Because of their focused nature, they need their own space to recharge – a double sink in the bathroom will give them a bit of breathing room.

A meditation practice serves Scorpios well, for they can still seek answers to life’s challenges while resting their overactive brains. To imbibe a sense of Scorpio’s passion in your home, add a touch of red. A mirror with a red frame works doubly as mirrors symbolize water, the element for this sign.

Scorpios are very curious and intuitive, and will enjoy solving puzzles. These autumn babies will relish cleaning their yard as colorful leaves begin to accumulate.

Chelsea, editor

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