Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Inspirational and spiritual Neptune rules your sun sign, symbolized by two fish.

Pisceans are adept at navigating through life with their intuition, and like to go with the flow. They’re open-minded and easily identify with people from all walks of life. Deeply compassionate, they make great writers, artists, and organizers.

Pisceans are known to adapt emotionally to their environment, so be sure to tailor your home to how you want to feel, including visual cues of what you want to accomplish. Naturally creative, Pisceans will enjoy indulging their abundant imaginations through an array of different artistic outlets. Watery colors such as sea green, aqua, and turquoise are familiar and soothing to Pisceans. Add pieces in these hues to inspire your intrinsic talents.

Perfect Pieces For Pisces

Perfect Pieces For Pisces

Clockwise (from left):

Khristian A Howell Flowers Duvet Cover // Navigator’s Laptop Writing Desk // Martin Every Media Easel Box Set // Burcei Table Lamp // Seafoam Salad Plate

Chelsea, editor

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