Happy Birthday, Libra!

Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, Libras are charming, cultural, analytical, and have an eye for aesthetics. Fashion and architecture are likely hobbies. They have a great sense of accomplishment and enjoy collaboration. Libras seek equality and harmony, and are thus always focused on their relationships and how to better them.

Celebrate fall, the season of this sign, with a timely wreath displayed proudly on your front door. The seasonal colors and textures will remind you of the abundance and change brought about this time of year. Stay warm on crisp evenings and breezy days with a fire pit. Copper is the metal for Libra, so bonus points for a copper-finished bowl!

Librans tend to hold stress in their lower backs more than other signs, so be mindful of this delicate area. A foam roller is great for kneading out any knots, and once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without! Libra is the only sign in the zodiac with an inanimate object, the scales of justice, as the symbol; embrace your unique quirk with an elegant statue.

Style and beauty are priorities with Libras. Invest in a chic vanity set to ensure you always look your best. Nurture your creativity and artistic nature with a drafting table. These utilitarian pieces are favored by architects and other aesthetically analytical professionals.

Chelsea, editor

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  1. Yay! Libras are the best! LOL 🙂

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