Happy Birthday, Leo!

Let your radiant disposition shine. Leo! You’re in luck — with the sun in your sign this month, there should be plenty of great opportunities and good times in store for you. Celebrate your fortuitous fate with décor that reflects your royal standing in the zodiac.

Leos love making an entrance, so what could be better for the front of a Leonine home than guarding statuary, a gleaming sun plaque, and a wall-mounted fountain? For a regal touch, add lion-head drawer pulls to an entryway chest.

Leos are sometimes said to be perhaps just a bit …. vain. Yes, we said it, but we know it’s simply that they like to look their best! Make use of gorgeous mirrors with brass frames to tap into that Leonine pride, and both the home and the master of the house will beam with elegance.

Leos are not just about themselves, though. Known for their gregarious personalities, they love to gather a crowd of friends and be right in the middle. As such, they make excellent hosts and enjoy serving their guests with luxurious fanfare. Gilded glassware and plate chargers add an opulent touch to tableware.

Also known for loyalty and steadfastness, Leos are actually big softies when it comes to their relationships with loved ones. Touch a Leo’s heart with sunny and sentimental wall art that radiates an optimistic outlook.

Augusta, editor

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