Happy Birthday, Cancer!

Cancerians are the home-dwellers of the zodiac. Like their animal counterpart, the crab, they need a home where they can retreat and decompress. They will have a knack for activities such as decorating, cooking, and architecture. They are in touch with their emotions, and are one of the most sensitive signs. Cancerians are uncomfortable with and resistant to change, and prefer to stick to their routine. Excellent with managing money, they make good financial advisors or business owners.

Cancerians appreciate objects with a personal history, such as antiques, souvenirs, and photos. To keep things organized, invest in attractive storage pieces such as a storage ottoman or book boxes. Lots of picture frames will ensure the memories stay in mind.

Cooking is a great way for Cancerians to reach emotional balance. The activity satisfies their need to nurture and engages their ability to manage time well. Chop up some vegetables for a stir-fry and watch your stress melt away!

These summer babies will appreciate any cooling activity that allows them to enjoy the outdoors during the heat. A whimsical fan and a hammock chair make a great combo for spending an afternoon in the sun. Poolside games are perfect for getting friends together and celebrating summer.

Chelsea, editor

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