Happy Birthday, Aries!

Warm, energetic, and engaging, Aries knows how to spring into action for birthday fun. Treat your favorite Aries to a thoughtful gift that celebrates their astrological style.

The Aries symbol of a ram is an ancient reference to the springtime birthday, when baby sheep are born. The horn of the ram is likened to the cornucopia, referring to Aries’ abundant energy. Also, rams are known to butt their heads into enemies, reflecting Aries’ tendency to meet challenges head-on and power through them.

Aries are known for their energetic charisma. Vibrant and powerful, Aries command attention and make good leaders. As the cardinal fire sign, they spark new ideas and build momentum for projects. A tabletop fire pit is the perfect household item to encourage Aries’ fiery nature, or choose an artistic reference to fire, like the Silver Abstract Flame Sculpture.

As the first sign in the astrological year, Aries is a pioneer and represents fresh beginnings. These active people jump into new situations with vigor. This sign is associated with the color red, the rising sun, and the planet Mars.

Red is an energizing color that can be used as an accent in many rooms for a pop of personality.

Iron is the metal associated with Aries, so wall art, décor, or furniture crafted from wrought iron are great additions to an Aries household.

Aries express their inner vitality and spirit to all who know them, so what better place to showcase those strengths than in an Aries home?

Augusta, editor

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