Go for the Gold

Charlie Bucket from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” had this kind of ticket, and Led Zeppelin immortalized it in song: we’re talking gold, and it’s the way to go! This glittering, glamorous metallic is making a comeback, and there’s a gold mine of ways to incorporate it into your home. Our style expert Sarah Maher, from the Hayneedle Style Gallery, conceptualized and created a Styleboard spotlighting gold, and here she shares her insight. So go on and take a shine to our Gold Styleboard.

Q & A with Sarah

1. What inspired you to create the gold Styleboard?

Gold is a classic staple in any home and fits with any décor, whether modern or traditional.  Also, brass and glamour have been identified as hot trends for 2014.

2. Is there a certain process you have for putting together a Styleboard?

With color boards, we try to focus on home décor and accents versus big furniture pieces, because customers are more inclined to bring a particular color into their home in that way rather than with large furniture pieces like sofas.

3. Are any of the items on the board especially hot sellers right now?

For color boards, wall art and pillows are always popular, followed by chairs and lamps.

4. What are some tasteful ways to incorporate gold into your décor?

I think it’s important to incorporate gold by mixing standout, ornate pieces with simpler pieces.  Too many statement pieces can overwhelm and look cluttered.

5. Which piece is your favorite and why?

I am a sucker for a chunky, gold mirror.  It’s a piece of art in itself, but helps to bounce light around the room as well.

6. Do you foresee a trend with all metallics or just a focus on gold?

All metallics, for sure.


From glimpses to generous displays, a well-integrated mix of glimmering gold accents and statement pieces emanates light and rich color, bringing winning style to any space.

Julie, senior editor

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