Editor Picks: Nifty Gifts For Guys

Gifts Under $50:
Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Beer Classics Set Of 4

Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Classics – Set of 4 ($47.99)

Small breweries and craft beers have hit the big time in America. Guys of all ages are starting to expect more from their beer than “drinkability,” gaining an interest in IPAs, stouts, dubbels, and much, much more. It can be hard to know where to begin when learning how to properly imbibe, so this gift set of glasses is a great place to start. With 4 different glasses designed to enhance enjoyment of a bevy of brewed beverages, it’s the perfect way to create a craft beer connoisseur.

– John, editor

Bey-Berk Rhodium-Plated Cufflinks With Shifter Design

Bey-Berk Rhodium-Plated Cufflinks With Shifter Design ($35.99)

Relating to anything that involves wheels and an engine, I’ve yet to meet a guy who doesn’t like to go fast. Give him a symbolic outlet for his need to speed with a set of super-stylish yet sporty cufflinks. He’ll appreciate the sentiment; you’ll appreciate the refined style. Not only are they classically handsome, they’re tough as nails, too. Made of tarnish-proof rhodium with bullet backing, these little gems are a gift that’ll last him a lifetime.

– Kelly, editor

Gifts $50-$100:
Authentic Models 15.25H-in. Artist Model

Authentic Models 15.25H-in. Artist Model ($95.99)

At once both artful and masculine, this timeless piece will appeal to a variety of different dude décor styles. The king of contemporary will love its simple shape and effortless elegance. A more traditional/transitional fella will dig its rich wood tones, impeccable construction, and design versatility. The eclectic collector in your life will appreciate its sculptural qualities and irresistible boheme allure. Gift it to any other type of guy and he’ll roll with the fact that it’s just plain cool.

– Kelly, editor

NCAA Tailgate Toss Cornhole Set

NCAA Tailgate Toss Cornhole Set ($99.98)

If a well-honed cornhole toss isn’t in your tailgater’s wheelhouse, he hasn’t played it yet. This highly addictive backyard game is great at barbecues, tailgates, lazy afternoons, halftime, and requires only one hand and minimal analysis. For best results, pair with a cold beer. This high-quality cornhole set has sweet gridiron graphics and NCAA team logos and endzones, so the alma mater’s always on.

– John, editor

Gifts Over $100:
Piel Leather Classic Expandable Messenger Bag - Saddle

Piel Leather Classic Expandable Messenger Bag - Saddle ($259.99)

Every bloke looks better with a bag, but just try getting yours to buy one for himself. Instead, treat him to this timeless leather bag that’ll never break down or go out of style. Well-oiled saddle brown leather goes with most of the things he’ll wear, both in the office and around town. A designated padded laptop pocket keeps his gadgets safe and always-on, while tons of other organizational details mean he won’t spend too much time digging. A genuine leather bag is designed to last a lifetime, making this a gift he’ll never forget.

– John, editor

Edifier if360BT Esiena Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker System

Edifier if360BT Esiena Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker System ($299.99)

Whenever something has a crazy name like the Edifier iF360BT Esiena Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker System, I instantly think of robots. More specifically, I think of the Terminator. And when I think of the Terminator, I think of guys and their affinity for electronics. Not that I would mind getting one of these in my stocking, I just know that any guy in my life would LOVE to find something like this (a clock radio that’s Bluetooth-enabled with full iPod/iPhone nav) under the tree on Christmas morn. It’s no T1000, but it’s still pretty awesome.

– Kelly, editor

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