Fresh Eco-Friendly Finds

Since the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, Earth-minded efforts have resulted in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, to start. And though it was initiated in the U.S., Earth Day now sees 192 countries participate.

So what can you do? Of course, you could find local activism chapters and get really involved, but there are a lot of small ways you can live eco-consciously every day. You can obviously recycle household materials, but you can also take local trips that don’t require flying, carpool or ride a bike to work once or twice a week, go meatless on Mondays, plant a backyard garden, hang clothes to dry, carry groceries in reusable totes, or look for products with less packaging or those that are made from post-consumer recycled material.

You can shop green at, too. We’ve culled 10 of our favorite environmentally friendly finds here, but trust us – with a mind to renewable resources, there’s more where these came from.

– Lindsey Anne Baker, guest blogger

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