Dig This: The Dish On Downton Abbey

If, like me, you’re a “Downton Abbey” fan, the season three finale, which aired on PBS last night, might have you more than a bit down today. The show has lost two major cast members this season, the most recent of which is one of this blogger’s personal favorites and a cornerstone of the romance that’s undoubtedly kept viewers coming back, reward for sitting through all of Lady Edith’s weird one-episode romances and Lord Grantham’s growling.

What will we do without you, Matthew? At least we still have the mighty Dowager Countess.

Downton Abbey - Season Three

How do you feel about the season three closer? Do tell. Let us know in the comments below ...


But change is one of “Downton’s” primary themes – war, women’s rights (and pants), the automobile, electricity, the toaster, and the telephone have all jostled the “Downton” world, and we’ve talked about it all the next day. Today, we can’t bring back what we’ve lost, but we can at least talk our feelings out in “Downton” style. Pick up the Crosley Country Kitchen Wall Phone’s 1920s-inspired receiver, dial up a fellow fan, and forget about that time way back at the beginning of season three when the Dowager Countess said family must never be a topic of conversation. These are desperate times – and another desperate wait for season four – after all.

Crosley Country Kitchen Wall Phone

Crosley Country Kitchen Wall Phone

– Lindsey Anne Baker, guest blogger

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