Back-to-Campus Trends — Sensational Slipcovers

Whether it’s for your offspring heading to college or your own foray into post-dormitory life, you’re gonna need to furnish the place, hopefully with something a step above the concrete-blocks-and-2 x 4 shelving units. Sometimes, a secondhand showroom is the best you can do. And that’s OK! It’s a green choice with a certain hipster appeal. And if you find the perfect recliner but it’s covered in an unsightly burlap, don’t worry … you can spruce up your perhaps questionable seating arrangements with a slipcover.

Suffer from a serious fear of commitment? Change your mind, your sofa, and your entire room just by changing your slipcover. Choose a statement color to turn a hulking hand-me-down into a superbly stylish statement piece.

For a clean, comfortable look, choose a slipcover in neutral white or creme for your loveseat. Neutral tones let your personality control the space by never overshadowing your revolving cast of quirky, colorful accessories.

Revitalize chairs in the blink of an eye — at a fraction of what it costs to reupholster. Consider the rainbow of colors available in jersey chair covers. Regardless of its origin, your furniture has more than one life in store, thanks to today’s slipcovers.

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