Back-to-Campus — Space-Saving Comfort

At Hayneedle, we believe the comforts of home should be available when and wherever they’re needed. And few need the comforts of home like the college-bound. Adding a Buckle-Up Sleeper or Flex Futon Set to your back-to-campus checklist will ensure a cozy-as-can-be space for your favorite coed.

Buckle-Up Sleepers

Buckle-Up Sleepers feature thick foam padding and soft batting, upholstered in cotton/polyester twill. They’re designed for durability and space-efficient living e.g., dorm-life. Two attached belts allow quick, easy conversion and storage: Changes from chair to chaise to bed to closet-ready in seconds.

Flex Futon Sets

Flex Futon Sets by Mali sport a single frame and super-soft custom cushions.  They’re designed for easy configuration and fabulous functionality. Perfect for small spaces, these versatile pieces can act as lounger, sofa, or twin-size sleeping space.

Elite Mali Flex Futon Set

Elite Mali Flex Futon Set

Colors Galore

Flex Futon Sets and Buckle-Up Sleepers are available in colors ranging from classic black to out-of-this-world hues like tang and candy.

Check their taste, choose a flavor, and send ’em back to campus bursting with style!


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  1. Bed Bug 911

    Great idea! And don’t forget to cover it with a waterproof mattress encasement, if you’re off to the dorms! We offer a stretchable to fit a pillow-top mattress, from 9-12″ depth. It would totally fit on this plush Buckle-Up Sleeper!
    Over half of all dorm rooms have been the site of an infestation. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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