Back-to-Campus Trends — Computer Chairs

Moving into the dorms means infinite freedom: no curfew, unlimited soft-serve ice cream, afternoon naps, etc. With great freedom, however, comes great responsibility — namely, going to class and doing homework. Every college student spends at least some of their dorm-time bound to a desk. Why not liven up your young scholar’s study space? Colorful computer chairs are a must for every back-to-campus checklist.

For a fun, feminine touch, add a vibrant, flower-print computer chair. Bright, playful colors make it easy to stay awake during all-nighters.

Masculine and modern, graphic elements enhance the drabbest dorm decor. Graphic circle-patterns and graffiti-style prints radiate inspired style, and when term-paper time comes, inspiration means everything.

Before donning a pinstripe suit and showing the business world who’s boss, every Trump-in-training must learn a few things: How to dress up a dorm, for one. The clean lines of a striped computer chair are the perfect fashion-forward flourish for students who mean business.

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