Divide & Conquer with Artistic Screens

The right room divider can multiply your space options with an artful angle. Room dividers lend themselves to creative uses, as they help you see and define space in a new way. They also introduce a large visual focal point, much like a wall canvas or sculptural art piece, adding personality to an area.

Metal, leather, and wood are some of the materials that set these screens apart. From modern silhouettes and Art Deco inspired patterns to rustic, carved wood and handpainted designs, these room dividers make a bold style statement.

Shoji screens are a classic choice, made with natural papers that have an opaque yet translucent quality. The Shoji Double Sided Sliding Door Kit Room Divider can be installed for a more permanent division of space with a refined and authentic look. Noren are traditional Asian hanging fabric dividers, which usually feature a painted or printed scene, and can be used in a variety of settings, including doorways, patios, closets, walls, and half-walls. These printed dividers from Inhabit (below) offer a modern version of traditional noren.

Bookshelf room dividers are enjoying a contemporary renaissance in studios designed for either living or working, or both. Use a bookcase divider not just for storage, but to curate your favorite treasures and objets d’art into a vertical home gallery.

Shop more room dividers at the Artistic Screens Styleboard.

Augusta, editor


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