Add Impact with Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a key part of any home’s décor. After all, it’s not just about functionality, important as that may be. It’s about appearance as well. You want to create useful lighting for your space that helps you feel at home and comfortable in any given room in your house. There are a variety of ways to add ambient lighting to any room in your home, from overhead ceiling fixtures to wall-mount fixtures to stunning chandeliers. Read on to check out a few of our favorite ideas.

Ceiling Fixtures

Overhead lighting can seem like the most basic way to brighten up a room, and you’re right. It can be straightforward. But it can also be fun. Choose a fixture like the Quoizel Confetti Semi-Flush Mount fixture with glass and metal detailing to add some sparkle to your master suite. Always make sure to take the size of your room into consideration when selecting an overhead lighting fixture. If you’re opting for a single fixture, make sure to choose one large enough and bright enough to illuminate your entire space. Otherwise you’ll likely need to supplement your light source with table and floor lamps.


Getting ready shouldn’t be a chore, despite what bad overhead lighting in most of the world’s dressing rooms has taught us. Here’s your chance to spice up your everyday routine and turn the tables on unflattering lighting. Add a touch of glamour and some serious luxury to your getting-ready ritual by installing an unexpected light fixture, like a mini chandelier, in your bathroom or closet. Forget unforgiving fluorescent lighting – the flattering glow from the glamorous Golden Lighting Mirabella 9-Light Chandelier is sure to make getting ready an event rather than an ordeal. If you have the space (say, you’re working with a dressing room rather than a regular ol’ closet), opt for a slightly larger model for extra light and more bling. After all, glamour in the most unexpected places can sometimes be the most effective. Now all that’s left to do is crank up some diva music – we’re talking Mariah or Beyoncé – and you’re good to go.

Bathroom Lighting

Don’t have room for a chandelier in your bathroom? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to get ready in the dark. You can also create flattering ambient light with a vanity light, like this 3-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze fixture, for a warm, graceful glow. Upward-facing glass shades direct light toward the ceiling, so you don’t have to stare directly into the glare of a light bulb every time you need to glance up. If you need more light for a larger vanity, just select a model with more globes or shades. You can also opt to place a fixture over each individual mirror and vanity if you’re dealing with a bathroom built for two.

Outdoor Lighting

Ambient lighting isn’t just an indoor trend. After all, just because the sun sets on the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying them. Outdoor wall sconces can be a quick, easy way to add ambient light to a patio, porch, or walkway. The 10-inch Kichler Alameda Outdoor Wall Sconce in a bronze finish is a simple solution that lets you keep enjoying your outdoor space (and keeps your guests from tripping on their walk to the car) long after the sun goes down.

Find your favorite fixtures here, and add beautiful ambient lighting to your home.

Ali Deering, freelance contributor

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