A Pinch of Green for St. Paddy’s

It goes by many names: Emerald, Jade, Mint, Kelly, Moss, Lime, Apple … whatever you call it, Green makes everything and anything feel new. In honor of St. Paddy’s Day we’re paying homage to this lively, yet often overlooked, hue.

Area Rugs

Synonymous with life and growth, sprouts and spurts of green can revive any room in your home from the floor up. Start with an area rug. These options will feel as good under your feet as the cool grass.


Adding a pop of green through accent pillows or soft throws is the simplest way to freshen up your space. Jewel- or citrus-toned, we give these comfort items the green light.

Accents & Decor

Enchanting accents and decor are excellent solutions to incorporating a little green. Think statement-piece-lamps or quieter infusions through wall art or clocks.


There’s a place for green in the kitchen, too. Bring in the color through small appliances or tabletop and cookware items and you’ve instantly infused every meal with a healthy serving of greens.

 Green Living

Pretty pillows and amazing accents are all fine and dandy ways to bring a little green home, but let’s not forget the most beneficial way to go green. Here are  just a few examples of easy things to do on a daily basis to achieve a greener lifestyle.

For more ideas on adding Shamrock Green or any other green to your space, visit the Stylin’ of the Green styleboard by Color Theory.

– Lisa, editor

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