3 Steps To A 5-Star Bed

Making the bed means more than just pulling the covers over your pillow. For an inspiring place to rest and refresh, here are a few tips to turn a boring bed into a thing of beauty.

  1. Always start with a mattress pad that’s breathable. Cotton-topped mattress pads are the best for a temperate and comfortable sleep, and as for filling, opt for wool – it’s body temperature-regulating; warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  2. When choosing sheets, don’t fall into the thread count trap. We’ve been told high thread count equals high quality, but that’s only part of the story. Just as important is the type of fabric and weave. Look for Egyptian long-staple cotton fibers for the softest feel.
  3. The next step is to triple-sheet the bed. This is common in upscale hotels and looks awesome.
    1. Start with a fitted sheet.
    2. Place a flat sheet on the fitted sheet.
    3. Next comes your comforter or down blanket.
    4. Here’s the triple part: Add another flat sheet on top of the comforter. This allows protection for the down piece and looks immaculate. Tuck all three layers under the mattress. Voila!
Daytona Low Profile Bed Set

A perfectly posh presentation.

Nice Throw

A throw folded at the end of the bed is a fast, easy way to switch/add color without having to completely change your bedding ensemble.

A Little Pillow Talk

For a king-size bed, three Euro pillows (26 x 26 inches) should rest against the sleeping pillows at the back of the bed. The next decorative pillows can be two king size (20 x 36) or three standard size (20 x 26). The front pillow should be a smaller toss pillow or long bolster (9 x 23). This is where it gets really fun – play up the pretty factor by mixing and matching pillows of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

– Amy Joersz, guest blogger/bedding specialist, Vail, Colorado

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