2014 To-Do: Travel!

Need to get away for a while? After all of the stress fun of the holiday season, a nice trip can help you clear your mind and break the hectic holiday cycle. With 2014 only days away, I thought I’d ask a few hip Hayneedle peeps about their travel resolutions and how they plan to get away for a while in the new year.

Weekend Escape: Portland

Convenience and ultra-mobility are musts when considering what bag I’ll take for a long weekend in Portland. The ClaireChase Personalized Weekender Duffle Bag in saddle brown, with an always-appreciated shoulder strap and multiple pockets, can be toted along as I zip from the airport to the nearest breweries, coffeeshops, and boutiques before turning in to the hotel to catch some Zs. This durable bag boasts room for shoes, multiple outfits, toiletries, and more. The sleek and chic style ensures that I’ll be ready for any photo-ops.

-Chelsea, editor

Beach Bunny Getaway


After a lovely but bitterly cold trip to Paris last February, all my husband and I can think about is a trip somewhere with warm, crystal-clear water, fine white sand, and enough sun to give me a dose of vitamin D to last through the year. We’re not exactly set on where we’ll land for sure – that’s still in the works – but I know of a few things I won’t be going without! I’ve been burned a few times by beat-up baggage, so something tough as nails, like the Samsonite Cruisair Bold 26-in. Spinner Luggage in a sleek shade of black, is an absolute must. And I can’t risk losing any of the fun gear I’ll be cramming into my bag, which may include, but will definitely not be limited to, a soft, beachy pestemal in a poppy shade like bubble gum pink, and a chic, insulated beach tote with cute nautical appeal. It’ll be perfect for keeping the water – and mini bottles of champagne – cool that I plan on sipping while sunning the days away … sigh.

-Kelly, editor

Inspiring Irish Excursion

My husband and I haven’t taken a real trip since we honeymooned in Rome almost nine years ago. This year, we’re heading to Ireland – Dublin, to be exact – so I can show him why it’s my favorite place. Beautiful museums, breathtaking architecture, fun shopping, and the friendliest people are all great reasons to visit this fantastic city. Whether we’re taking in the art of Jack Butler Yeats at the National Gallery of Ireland or admiring the works of William Butler Yeats at the National Library of Ireland, chances are good we’ll get caught in the rain as we trek from one attraction to another. A good umbrella is a must when walking around Dublin. I also plan to keep my trip in order with this handy organizer. There’s a spot for my passport and credit cards, which will come in handy when we hit Temple Bar, and there’s room for a memo pad so I can jot down everything I want to be sure to tell my friends about. Who knows, I may even be moved to poetic verse while relaxing on St. Steven’s Green. It’ll be good to have some paper and a pen on me when inspiration strikes.

-Lisa, supervising editor

Irresistible Imaginary Vacation

I grab the kids, head into the backyard and set the tent up on the continent of their choosing. A few well-selected camping items and we can spend a few nights in Africa, on a desert island, or in the jungles of Borneo …

We’ll plan our itinerary using the Oregon Scientific Interactive SmartGlobe, and make reservations at our favorite accommodations – the Gigatent Mt Adams 5-Person Family Camping Tent. For a little entertainment, we’ll pack the Triumph Sports Premium LED Ladderball Set and a good spyglass like the Barska 25X30 Blueline Brass Monocular Spyscope. Another must-have? The Red Ember Aspen Bronze Fire Pit for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. And of course, after we’re all tuckered out, we’ll need a few comfy sleeping bags. And with that, we’re off! We’ll send Dad a postcard.

-Dana, marketing promotions coordinator

Rockin’ Break in Barcelona

If the stars align, I’ll find myself in Barcelona, Spain, May 29-31, for Primavera Sound, an annual music festival that started in 2001. The lineups over the years have been extraordinary, and the location can’t be beat. Barcelona is conveniently located on the Mediterranean, which means gorgeous, warm weather year-round. Not that I’d be venturing past the festival grounds of Parc del Forum, but there’s so much to do throughout the city!

As festivals require lots of walking, a comfortable, durable pair of shoes is a must, but finding stylish ones is the trick! All of that walking and show-watching inevitably makes you thirsty, and the FuelBelt Sprint 10 oz. Palm Water Bottle Holder with Pocket is another festival must-have with its adjustable strap that secures to your palm and the super-handy zippered pocket for your ID, earplugs, or any other little necessity. The easy-to-tote Travelpro National Geographic Kontiki Daypack is perfect for other essentials, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket, hat, and raincoat. OK, stars, do your thing!

-Julie, senior editor


Wishing you a wondrous new year, and happy travels wherever they may take you!


Kelly, editor

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